Jeongyeon (Profile) Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Birthday, Long Hair

Jeongyeon (Profile) Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Birthday, Long Hair

Jeongyeon (Profile) Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Birthday, Long Hair

Jeongyeon Wiki Biography

Yu Jong-yon(Jeongyeon) is a south korean singer born on 2 November 1996 in Hangul. She is better known as Jongyon. She is member of the South Korean girls group called as Twice which is created by JYP Entertainment's 'Sixteen' telephone program.

In 6-2015 she co-hosted the television show, Inkage, with her sister Gong Song-yon, for which she received the Newcomer's Award at SBS Entertainment Awards. In 2017 Gallup Korea was selected as the 7th most popular idol in South Korea in the annual music survey and ranked 17th in the poll.

Jeongyeon Profile

Full Name - Yoo Jung Yeon (유정연)

Profession - Singer

Age - 22 Years

Height - 5'7" 

Weight  - 50 Kg

Jeongyeon Birthday - 1 November 1996

Nationality - South Korean

Jeongyeon Movies Dramas and TV Series

  • Sixteen
  • Gag Concert
  • Same Bed, Different Dreams
  • We Are Siblings
  • Muscle Queen Project
  • Gold Medal Duty
  • Vitamin
  • Inkigayo
  • Law of the Jungle
  • Please Take Care of My Refrigerator

Jeongyeon Music Videos

  • Girls Girls Girls (2014)
  • Only You (2014)
  • Fire (2016)

Jeongyeon Facts

  • She is a skilled dancer as well as Choreographer
  • Her debut album began on October 20, 2015 with eight other members along with The Story Begins album.
  • She is very disciplined in her life.
  • It looks like she looks like Tom prefers casual clothes.
  • She has worked as a trainee at JYP for over five years.
  • She was also selected SM, but was chosen as a JYP trainee.
  • Her voice is very unique.
  • She changed to Yoo Jung Yeon. because she was ridiculed for the cause of her childhood.
  • Sh was elected at the sixth audition on March 1, 2010, who failed in her first JYP audition.
  • She is a positive thinker.
  • She plays saxophone and guitar.
  • Wear a contact lens, as her vision is a week.
  • She is two-handed
  • She owns Poodle and two Pomeranians.
  • Her father is a chef, makes exclusive Korean food, and her mother works at a restaurant.
  • Her sister opposed her choice to be a trainee.
  • At first I wanted to pursue her career in modeling.
  • She has no boyfriend.
  • She likes to ride with Lego, cycling and movie rides.
  • The color she likes most is purple.
  • She has short hair.
  • She believe that your life depends on  your choice.
  • She Prefer T-shirts and jeans to war clothes

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