Arusha Roo Irvine Wiki, Biography, Age, Husband, Married

Arusha Roo Irvine Wiki, Biography, Age, Husband, Married

Arusha Roo Irvine Wiki, Biography, Age, Husband, Married
Arusha Roo 

Arusha Roo Wiki Biography

With the fact that it is described as a striking animal crusher, she has a wonderful expert in the antiquity of Arusha Irvine with a winning smile on his photo on social media. 

Arusha, known as the  "Roo " Irvine, took his fans Road Trip antiquities and reversed the profit show on the BBC since he began appearing on it. 

She was considered a potential talent for BBC film teams who visited her shop in 2015. In addition, Roo describes herself as a food and glass lover who wears his heart to the sleeve.

Arusha Roo Husband

For those who are curious about her marital status, Roo has an answer to the place where she writes that she happily married her husband Mark Irvine on 14   October 2012.

The family is situated on the beautiful West coast of Scotland, in the picturesque village of Kilcreggan in Argyll-Rowy. They also have a wild cat.

Mark runs an alternate company in his house called Kilcreggan Guitars. It's a small company that serves all sorts of guitars from those that are used for new ones. Se mentions playing guitar for 40 years.

Arusha Roo Education

Although she has experience in marketing, she has stopped in the current field of business after a family tragedy when she has accomplished the priorities of life.

Arusha Roo Career

Roo in the world of antiquity likes the variety of historical periods, which in each article follows. Combining the points between the past and the present, what they do according to her!

The owner and operator of a popular website called Kilcreggan Antiquity. His company Kilcreggan Antiquities, named in honor of the place in Scotland, where she lives, deliveries of antiques and collectibles both from the store and through the online retailer.

He is one of the experts on BBC Road Trip and often collaborates with Philip Serell. He also appeared on the BBC's profit, which was released in April 2008.
Roo is also a significant ductility of the BBC stars on the Great Road. In addition, She was added as one of the members of the Hansons Auctioneers team, where he joined as an assessor and expert in Scotland and the border.

Arusha Roo  Facts

  • The relatively new universe of Twitter (joined in 2014), which has come under @RooIrvine control and has more than 3 000 followers.
  • Roo loves Victorian jewels when he admitted into one of the interviews.
  • She says that she and her husband have become professions that deal with antiquity because they face a duel with their backs.
  • Her first old item purchased in the auction was not technically an old element, because he was not even 100 years old. It was a bell-shaped shaker from Asprey and Co.
  • Arusha Irvine Ethnicity: no information confirmed