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Drew Pritchard Wikipedia, Biography, Age, First Wife, Cars, Obituary, Death

Drew Pritchard  Who is Drew Pritchard? Born as  Andrew Thomas Pritchard  , he is an expert in antiques known for his appearance ...

Drew Pritchard 

Who is Drew Pritchard?

Born as Andrew Thomas Pritchard , he is an expert in antiques known for his appearance on the Quest TV program, "Salvage Hunters" with his ex-wife, in Spain the program is called " Masters of restoration ". He travels to various corners of the countries to explore ancient pieces and is also an expert in restoration and sale of antiques. From his successful career, he has been able to drive luxury cars with an impressive amount of net worth in his name.
The Salvage Hunters television program or Masters of restoration in Spain is an antique restoration program through which Rebecca and Drew analyze decorative pieces that Drew finds when he travels. The program is broadcast in the United Kingdom and Ireland on the Quest TV channel and in other countries it is broadcast on the Discovery Channel. After analyzing the pieces, they carry out the restoration process, assuming the costs and looking for profits.
Pritchard was born in 1970, which makes his age 49 years from 2019. His birthplace is in Conwy, Wales . He grew up in his hometown in a working-class Welsh family. He developed an interest in restoration when he saw his father, passionate about
 cars and motorcycles, keep the motorcycle repair kit on the family kitchen table ...

Drew's career and professional life

Drew has an antique shop in the Welsh coastal city of Llandudno. According to some online sources, he was professionally involved in the antiques trade in 1993, but has gained experience a few years before. Prior to that, Drew also received training to be a restorer, conservator and designer of stained glass.
Drew had a full international racing license and if he hadn't been in the antique dealer profession, he would certainly have been a racing driver . You might be fascinated to hear an interesting fact about Drew is that he bought his first car at the age of 15.
Since then, he has dedicated himself to the purchase and sale of cars, cars and motorcycles. He works as an antiquarian and restaurateur for three decades.
He is also working for his 1958 Volkswagen Beetle in the HRDC series. Very few people are able to turn their hobby into a profession, Drew is one of them. His hobbies for vehicles have become his business, from which he has been generating a huge amount of profits.
Drew has been in the spotlight after his appearance on the television show. He is part of the popular Salvage Hunters series where he works with his former partner Rebecca. This popular show premiered in January 2012. Drew works to find hidden treasures and decorative antiques, while Rebecca is the co-host of the show, which also focuses on the restoration task.

Drew Pritchard's personal life

The marital life of all celebrities does not always become successful and lasting. Drew has also experienced the same since he divorced Rebecca in 2017 after a somewhat painful process. 

Is Drew Pritchard married?

Yes, I was. However, he is currently divorced from his wife and may be single at this time. Drew's ex-wife's name is Rebecca Pritchard , born in 1958, who is her partner and also a good friend. The couple ended their marriage in 2017, but they still support each other. The reason behind their divorce is said to be Drew Pritchard's business with other women. Scroll down to explore some more interesting personal data and Drew's biography.

Drew Pritchard's divorce

The name of the wife of antiques expert Drew Pritchard is Rebecca Pritchard , who is also of the same profession and works as an antiquarian and restorative. It is not clear when exactly the two married. Apparently they have a daughter together named Rebecca Jane Pritchard, it is possible that some more but an authentic source is missing to verify this data. Despite the divorce that was made in 2017, Rebecca and Drew continue to work together in their antiques company and maintain a cordial relationship as good friends.

Drew Pritchard's adventure that ended with his marriage

According to some wiki sites, it is said that Drew Pritchard's extramarital relationship was the reason for his divorce. It is said that she had an affair with a married woman and that her husband, Janus Thomas, felt overwhelmed by Pritchard. This caused Pritchard to be expelled from the city bar and was also fined 1681 Euros. According to some reports, Drew is banned from entering 44 pubs in his hometown, including Club 147 141, Fountains Bar Café 114, Prince Madoc 30, The Gresham 143, The Gresham 143 and many more.

A love triangle ...

Drew Pritchard was hit in the head by the jealous husband of a woman with whom he had an affair. The magistrates of Llandudno, in North Wales, heard the Salvage Hunters star, who had been hit in the head in front of a pub on the Conwy dock.
Drew Pritchard was accused of an affair with the wife of a businessman who led him to be attacked by her husband. The magistrates of Llandudno, in North Wales, heard at the trial how Drew, the protagonist of the "Masters of the Restoration," had been hit in the head in front of a pub on the Conwy quay.
More than two months earlier, Drew allegedly called the businessman " cowardly " in a text, for not having avenged the matter of skirts with his wife. Defense attorney Michael Gray said that Amanda Thomas, two and a half years ago, had cheated on her husband Janus with Mr. Pritchard. When that matter came to an end, Mrs. Thomas received harassing text messages from other women who had been watching the Drew , accusing her of breaking their relationships and being extremely hurtful with her, " said the lawyer.
Mrs. Thomas told her husband, the defendant, about the affair she had had with him at the time because Drew Pritchard had told her she would tell her husband, because at some point all this would be in the newspapers. Mr. Gray said that the Thomas had worked to repair their marriage and to ensure the protection of their children . Mrs. Thomas was in depression after the case came to light and the couple left the court together trying to recover the normality of the marriage.
Janus Thomas, 47, the father of two children who runs a successful crane company , was fined a total of 1,680 euros, sentenced to pay compensation of 116 euros and 210 euros for expenses. He admitted to assaulting Drew Pritchard and having maintained threatening behavior.
The defense attorney said that Drew had " smiled " at Thomas in the Liverpool Arms pub . «The way Mr. Thomas interpreted it was that, with everything that had happened, he laughed at him and belittled him and described:
“ This man who had betrayed a family friendship had smiled at him, knowing that he had called him a coward and knowing all about the disgust Mrs. Thomas had endured as a direct result of what had happened a couple of years before. He lost control and punched him. He had gone mad. This is an extreme provocation »Janus' lawyers said.

Drew Pritchard body measurements

The Drew antique dealer has a high-rise structure and a maintained fitness level. Height, weight, shoe size and other details related to Drew's body measurements are not available.

What is Drew Pritchad's salary and assets?

Drew Pritchard has an estimated net worth of $ 8 million . He has been active in the profession of antique dealer for more than two decades. He has also made a great fortune with his business and his shop. The Salvage Hunters star has been receiving a nice salary figure.

What is Restoration Masters / Salvage Hunters about?

Salvage Hunters, restoration masters in Spain is a British television program in which restoration, decoration and merchant expert Drew Pritchard travels throughout the United Kingdom in search of antiques in stores, fairs, old mansions, and then sells them in your online store or at your store located in Conwy, Wales or at a point of sale in London.
Each episode of Salvage Hunters, restoration masters introduces Pritchard by visiting two or more locations to find new and valuable stocks to resell.
The format includes some trips by van, the arrival at the place and the meeting with the seller, the search for interesting and extravagant objects, some bargains about the prices and the explanation of the style of the items, the trip back to Conwy, showing the Purchase your equipment, the restoration once the process and the photograph of the items are ready, and a final summary of the agreement and the price reached after the sale.
By traveling extensively and maintaining a good network of contacts throughout the United Kingdom , the series shows Pritchard arriving at privileged properties, large and small antique stores, sales and markets of automobile boots, b using old and interesting decorative pieces to buy and sell
Finding new stocks is only part of the mission, since restoring and returning value to each item is the other half of your business.

Drew Pritchard's team

Pritchard's team is made up of several restaurateurs, including an electrician , a French polisher , a photographer and several store and office employees , including as manager his now ex-wife Rebecca . He usually travels with his old friend "Tee" (John Tee) , who acts as a driver and strong man to move purchased furniture.
The show's pet was his dog Enzo , who died in 2019.

Enzo, Drew Pritchard's cap

Drew Pritchard, star of Salvage Hunters, talks about his new project. Conwy's antique ace, famous for wearing a flat cap, has sold 2,500 caps in the first fortnight . We take off our hats with the Restoration Masters star for their latest business adventure. Conwy's TV host, known for wearing a flat cap, has launched his own range of caps, and is having great success. In the first two weeks since the product went on sale, 2,500 units have already been sold .

The Drew Pritchard Salvager

Made of 100% wool, the hat has a Harris Tweed spike design , woven in the External Hebride, on the outside and is lined with red silk and embroidered with " The Drew Pritchard Salvager ". Enzo, in a nod to his famous Jack Russell, a bronze button with the dog is sewn on his back.
A second hat was launched in early spring. Drew, whose success program is shown in 40 countries, said:
“People always used to say that I should throw a range of caps, that's fine, but I wasn't sure anyone would buy them. We made a batch of 5,000 and incredibly we have sold 2,500 in two weeks! I am very happy and in the summer I will release a linen version, and another for children. »Drew Pritchard account.

Drew started wearing flat caps when he lost all of his hair at the age of 29 . The television star and ace of antiquities - whose latest series Salvage Hunters is being broadcast on Quest - wore the same tweed hat for 18 years, until someone stole it from a Cardiff bar. Salvage Hunters star Drew Pritchard returns to the screens with a new series ...

The theft of Drew's cap

A Salvage Hunters fan stole the cap and put it on eBay, " said Drew, who recently moved to his newly renovated house in Conwy.
« I had no idea that it was sold on eBay until I found the same hat in a Wookey Hole Sommerset antique shop. I told the guy it was my hat and I wanted it back! «
Drew recovered his beloved cap, and as many over the years congratulated him on his hat and asked if they could buy it.
Drew decided to design and launch his own version and that's how the project began ...

Drew Pritchard Wiki Biography

Drew Pritchard is the star of Quest TV's antique show, named as Salvez Hunters. He is an old expert with an excellent eye for discovering a rough diamond. Drew is also skilled in restoration and antiques, often referred to as "The Real Lovejoy".

Pritchard was born in 1970, which means that he will be 49 years old in 2019. His birthplace is in Conway, Wales. He grew up in a working class family in his home town. He became interested in restorations when he saw his father, who was passionate about cars and motorcycles, and put a motorcycle repair kit on the kitchen table.

Drew Pritchard Career

Drew runs an antique shop in the coastal town of Landudno in Wales. According to some online sources, he was professionally involved with antiques in 1993, but has gained some experience in recent years. Before that, Drew also received training as a toilet writer, curator and designer of stained glass.

Drew had a fully international driver's license and would certainly have been a racing driver if he had not been to an antique shop. You might be worried about hearing an interesting fact about Drew that he bought his first car at the age of 15. Since then he has been involved in buying and selling cars, cars and motorcycles. He has worked as an antique dealer and restorer for the last three decades. He also works for his Beatle 1958 in the HRDC series. Very few people can turn their hobbies into a profession, Drew is one of them. His hobbies of vehicles have now become his company from which he has made huge amounts of profit.

Drew has been in the news since his appearance on the TV show. As part of a popular show called Salvaz Hunters, where he collaborates with his former partner Rebecca. The popular show premiered in January 2012. Drew worked to find hidden treasures and decorative antiques, while Rebecca is the presenter of the show who also focuses on restoration work.

Drew Pritchard Relationship

As we know that, Not everyone's married life is successful as well as long life success. Drew has also experienced the same and after that He was divorced in 2017.

The wife of the old expert Drew Pritchard is called Rebecca Pritchard, who is of the same profession and works as an antique dealer and restorer. They may have welcomed a daughter together, but an authentic source to verify this is missing. Despite their divorce in 2017, they are together in their profession and are still close friends of each other.

Drew Pritchard Facts

  • Drew always shows himself as "completely unemployed" and considers himself to be a self-employed person, he is very comfortable for him, he is proud of the companies he owns and feels happy to hire himself as he works very well. law.
  • Actually, the famous Salvet Hunters show came out in 2012 and enjoyed its tenth season by 2018.
  • Despite the controversy, Drew was busy with the events of October and June 2016. The real star fined Kreiner's Chief Executive Officer, Janusch Thomas, for £ 1440 per pound sterling for the attack on Prince Park in Liverpool.
  • During a 6-nation rugby fight at Drew County, Ireland, the entire public house in Conuey was banned for participating in a massive scandal in the Liverpool weaponry.

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Model; Actor,1,Dive Tourism operator,1,Divemaster,1,Diver,3,Diving Coach,1,Diving Instructor,1,DJ,45,DJ music producer,1,DJ and broadcaster,1,DJ and Instagram,1,DJ and Radio Presenter,1,DJ and record producer,1,DJ; Producer; Social Media Star,1,DJ/ Singer/ Music producer,2,DJ/Producer,1,Doctor,103,Doctor and food Blogger,1,Doctor and Human rights activist,2,Doctor and Journalist,1,Doctor and Scientist,1,Doctor and Social Activist,1,Doctor and Social media star,1,Doctor and TV Personality,1,Doctor and Writer,1,Doctor of Medicine,1,Doctor of Physical Therapy,1,Doctor-Author,1,Doctor; Medical contributor,1,Doctor; Researcher,1,Doctor; TV Personality,4,Doctor; TV Personality; Plastic Surgeon,1,Doctor; Volunteer,1,Doctor/ Actor,1,Doctor/ Anesthesiologist,1,Doctor/ Author,1,Doctor/Actor Dr. Ebonie Vincent,1,Doctor/Broadcastor,1,Doctor/Opera Singer,1,Documentary 'When They See Us',1,Dog Walker,1,Dominican singer and songwriter,1,Drag Performer,11,Drag Performer and social activist,1,Drag Queen,17,Drag Queen and Ice Skater,1,Drag Queen/ TV Personality,2,Drag Race Contestant,1,Drag Race UK Contestant,3,Drama Cast,1,Drama Coach,1,Drawing Artist,1,Dress Designer,2,Driver and racer,1,Dropped her high school education to be adult film actress,1,Drug Dealer,2,Drug Researcher,1,Druglord,1,Drummer,5,Dubbing Artist,1,Dwyane Wade's Daughter,1,Dylan Hartman,1,E-sports Gamer,1,E-sports player,1,Economist,21,Economist Advisor,1,Economist and Professor,2,Economist and Reporter,1,Economist; Economic Advisor to Trump,1,Economist; Professor; Dean,1,Editor,24,Editor and YouTuber,1,Editor-At-Large,1,Editor-In-Chief,2,Editorial Worker,1,EDM producer,1,Education Recovery Commissioner,1,Education Sector Consultant,1,educator,16,Electrician,1,Elementary Teacher,2,Elizabeth Pipko Wedding,1,Emergency Medicine Physician,1,Employee,1,Employee at finance company,1,Endorser,1,Engineer,18,Engineer (Harvey),1,Engineer and Entrepreneur,1,Engineer-Media personality,1,Engineer/ Entrepreneur,1,Engineer/Reality TV Star,1,English Actress,1,English Film,3,Enterpreneur,7,Entertainer,12,Entertainer/motivational speaker,1,Entertainment,11,Entrepernuer,1,Entrepreneur,231,Entrepreneur Ex-Girlfriend of NBA player Shaquille O’Neal,1,Entrepreneur and Humanitarian,1,Entrepreneur and Television Personality,1,Entrepreneur and Television show Host,1,Entrepreneur and TV personality,3,Entrepreneur and TV star,1,Entrepreneur.,1,Entrepreneur/ Author,1,Entrepreneurs,1,Entrepreneurship,1,Entreprenuer,6,Environment,1,Environment Activist.,1,Environmental Activist,3,Environmental consultant and Director of Communications,1,Environmental Health and Air Quality Expert,2,Environmentalist,3,Epidemiologist,9,Epidemiologist and Professor,3,Epidemiologist/ Professor/ Researcher,1,Equestrain,1,Equestrian,3,Equity Portfolio Manager,2,ESL teacher and Speech Pathologist,1,Esport Player,12,Esport talk guy,1,Esports athlete,1,eSports Player,34,estate agent,1,estate expert,1,Esthetician,2,Ethical Artificial Intelligence,1,Evangelist,6,Event Manager,1,Event Planner,4,Event planners,1,Ex-Air Force,1,Ex-Bikie,1,Ex-CEO at Qualcomm Incorporated,1,Ex-footballer,1,Ex-Girlfriend of Billionaire Eric Schmidt,1,Ex-Girlfriend of Tekashi 6ix9ine (Singer),1,Ex-husband of Jamie Chua Xin Yin,1,ex-investment banker,1,Ex-Model,1,Ex-Partner Of Randy Moss,1,Ex-Photographer and photo editor,1,Ex-souse of Courtney Kennedy Hill,1,Ex-spouse of Gina Kirschenheiter,1,Ex-spouse of Jim Edmonds,1,Ex-Spouse of Peter Fonda,1,Ex-state Trooper,1,Ex-volleyball player,1,ex-wife of American football player Jill Sayers,1,ex-wife of BBC security reporter Frank Gardner,1,Ex-Wife of country singer,1,Ex-wife of Dinesh D’Souza,1,ex-wife of Howard Stern,1,Ex-wife of Mike Holmes,1,Ex-Wife of Mike Lindell,1,Ex-wife of Travis Stork,1,Ex-Zoo Keeper,1,Executive,9,Executive Assistant,3,Executive Assistant at Plan B,1,Executive Assistant/Avisor,1,Executive Chef,1,Executive Consultant,1,Executive director,3,Executive Director and the Head of Cross-Asset Thematic Strategy for J.P.Morgan Private Bank,2,Executive Director at Justice Democrats,1,Executive Director of Kyle Petty Charity Ride Across America.,1,Executive Producer,3,Executive Secretary,1,Executive Vice President at HBO Sports,1,EXO Member,2,Exotic Dancer,2,Expeditor,1,Expert for the CIA analyst and former National Security Council staffer,1,Explorer,3,Extreme Waterman and Famous Personality.,1,Eye Doctor,1,Eyelash Technician,1,F1 racing driver,1,Facebook Star,1,Facilities Manager,1,Facilitor,1,Facts,1,Family,1,Family doctor and Senior Surgeon,1,Family Doctor and TV presenter,1,Family Law,1,Family Law Practitioner,1,Family Medicine Specialist,1,Family Member,89,Family Member of Kamala Harris,2,Family Members,1,family of celebrities,1,Family physician,1,Family Planning Manager,1,Family/Marriage therapist,1,Famous American Model Musician and Pop Star,1,famous artist.,1,Famous Australian broadcaster,1,Famous Businessmen and husband of Nicky Holton (Sister of Paris Hilton).,1,Famous English actor and TV star,1,Famous gator hunter,1,Famous model and chef and also TV celeb Ryan Seacrest’s girlfriend,1,Famous Personality,9,Famous Personality and Band member and founder of “Blood on the Dance Floor.”,1,Famous personality and Homemaker.,1,Famous Reality TV actress and Fashion Designer,1,famous young American.,1,Farme,1,Farmer,6,Farmer; 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Businessman,1,Former Navy Seal,1,Former NFL Coach,1,Former NFL Player,2,Former Nurse,6,former parody artist,1,Former Pastor,2,Former Pathologist,1,former personal assistant,2,former personal trainer,1,Former Pharmaceutical Representative,1,Former Pharmaceuticals Executive and Socialite,1,Former Police Officer,4,Former Political Advisor,1,Former Political Associate,1,Former politician,3,Former Porn star,1,Former powerlifter & bodybuilder,1,Former President of Broadcast Music,1,Former President of Elite Agency,1,Former Principal,1,Former Prisoner,1,Former Pro Volleyball Player,1,Former professional athlete,1,Former Professional Dancer,1,Former Professional Football Player,2,Former Professional NFL Player,1,Former professional swimmer,1,Former Professional Volleyball Player and Social Media Personality,1,former professional wrestler,2,Former Racing Driver,1,Former Reality TV star,2,Former Reddit CEO,1,Former reporter,2,Former Royal Protection Officer,1,Former Ruby player,1,Former Rugby Player,1,Former Sales Executive,1,Former Sales Manager,1,former Scientologist and anti-scientology activist,1,Former Seamstress,1,Former Secretary,1,Former Security Guard,1,Former Shingle Roofers,1,former Singer,1,Former Ski-Racer,1,Former SNL writer,1,Former Soccer Player,1,Former Soccer Star,1,Former Soldier,1,Former Spanish Model,1,Former Sports Journalist,1,Former Springfield Daily News reporter,2,Former Sprinter,1,Former Spy,1,Former State department Aide,1,Former Strip Club Owner,1,Former Stripper,1,Former Stripper at the Club,1,Former Student Athlete,1,Former Swimmer,1,Former Teacher,3,Former Teacher; Educator,1,former teen model,1,Former Television Star,1,Former Tennis Player,1,Former Truck Driver,1,Former TV and radio presenter,1,Former TV Host,2,Former TV star,1,Former US Army Captain,1,Former US Army Ranger,1,Former US Navy Officer,1,Former US Navy Secretary,1,Former Veterinary technician,1,Former Volleyball Player,6,Former Waitress,1,former White House Counsel,1,Former wife of Terrence Howard,1,Fortnite Player,2,Founder,15,Founder & CEO of Outdoor Voices,1,Founder & Managing Editor of The Beat DC,1,Founder and CEO of Spling,1,Founder and Executive Director,1,Founder and President of Dominance MMA,1,Founder at Sarah Wragge Wellness,1,Founder at Sunbeam Edibles,1,Founder of Access,1,Founder of Blue Beauty Salon & Esthetic,1,Founder of eBay,1,Founder of Eminence Capital,1,Founder of Hope Gallery,1,Founder of light sky macro,1,Founder of Mama Sofia,1,Founder of Nintendo,1,founder of non-profit organization,1,Founder of Pocket Ace Productions,1,Founder of Russian gun rights group (Gun Right Activist),1,Founder of Schonfeld Group / Hedge Fund Owner,1,Founder of Team Cantore,1,Founder of the Edge College & Career Network and Key Worldwide Foundation,1,Founder of Womanista,1,Founder/ Director,1,Founder/ Youtuber,2,Fox Business Producer,1,Fox News Contributor,1,Freedom Fighter,1,Freelance Computer Technician,1,Freelance Fashion Writer,1,Freelance fashion writer and Children’s book author.,1,Freelance makeup Artist,1,Freelancer,2,Freerunner/ Model,2,French,1,French fashion designer,1,French Professor and Nobel Prize Winning Scientist,1,Fromer Bank Manager,1,Fromer Fashion Model,1,Fromer US Air Force Pilot,1,Full Time Traveller,1,Fund Manager,5,Furniture Maker; 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Business Executive,1,Pastor; businesswoman,1,Pastor/Political Spokesperson,1,Pastry Chef,2,Pastry Chef and Instagram star,1,Patissier,1,PBS host,1,Pediatric Nurse Practitioner,1,Pediatric Sleep Consultant,1,Pediatrician,8,Peloton Instructor,5,People,1,Performance maker,1,performer,4,performer at Funhaus & Rooster Teeth,1,Performing Artist,2,Performing Artist / Gaming Media Personality / Producer & Host at Twitch,1,Personal Assistant,2,Personal Gym Trainer,1,Personal Shopper,1,Personal Stylist,1,Personal Trainer,19,Personal Trainer and Television Personality,1,Personal Trainer and TV media personality,1,Personal Trainer; Rugby Player; Architect,1,Personal trainer/ Kinesiologist,1,PGA European Tour’s Director,1,Pharmaceutical Representative,1,Pharmacist,4,Philanthropic,2,Philanthropist,38,philanthropist & activist,1,Philanthropist and celebrity-kid,1,Philosopher,2,Photographer,38,Photographer and Fashion Designer,1,Photographer and videographer,1,Photographer-Actor,2,photographer/ Fashion Designer,1,Photographer/ Journalist,1,Photojournalist,2,Physchotherapist,1,Physical Therapist,2,Physician,35,Physician / Professor,1,Physician / Teacher,1,physician and politician,1,Physician and U.S. Navy Officer,1,Physician-Geneticist,1,Physician-Scientist,2,Physician/ Oncologist,1,Physician/ Pharmacoloist/ Scientist,1,Physician/ TV Personality,1,Physician/Journalist,1,Physician/Politician,1,physicist,1,Physiotherapist,2,Pianist,4,Pilates instructor,3,Pilates Instructor & celebrity girlfriend,1,Pilot,5,Pipe Welder,1,Pizza Delivery Driver; TikToker,1,Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon,1,Plastic Surgeon,7,Platform Manager,1,playback singer,2,Playboy Model,1,Player,4,playwright,3,Playwriter,1,Plumber,2,Plus-Size Model,1,Plus-Sized Model,3,Plus-Sized Model and Influencer,1,PM,1,Poadcaster,1,podcast,1,Podcast Host,4,Podcast Host Wife of Bobby Lee,1,Podcast Host / Radio Presenter,1,Podcaster,14,Podcaster/ YouTuber,1,Podiatrist,1,Poet,11,Poker Player,2,Pole Vaulter; TikToker,1,Police Cheif,1,Police Chief,1,Police Commissioner,2,Police Commissioner of New York,1,Police Constable,1,Police Officer,13,Policeman,2,Policy Analyst,1,Policy Director,1,policy expert,1,Policy Strategist,1,Politcal Strategist,1,Politcian,2,Politicain,1,Political Commentator,1,Political Activist,10,Political Activist and entrepreneur,1,political activist and Republican,1,Political Activist and Veteran Intel Officer,1,Political Activist and Writer,1,Political adviser,1,Political Advisor,15,Political Analyst,14,Political Analyst / Reporter / Writer,1,Political analyst/ Co-founder,1,Political Analyst/ Professor,1,Political Assistant,1,Political author,1,Political campaign strategist,1,Political Commentator,32,political commentator and broadcaster,1,political commentator and businesswoman,1,political commentator and missionary,1,Political Commentator.,1,Political Consultant,11,Political Consultant; 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Former Lawyer,1,Protestor,2,Proud Boys Leader,1,Provincial health officer,1,Psychiatrist,1,Psychiatrist; Author,1,Psychiatrist/ Former Actor,1,Psychologist,5,Psychologist and Businesswoman,1,Psychologist/Author,1,Psychotherapist,1,Public Affair Strategist,1,Public figure,1,Public Health Expert,1,public health expert and infectious disease specialist,1,Public health Officer,1,Public health professional,1,Public Health Professor,1,Public Health Researcher,1,Public Official,8,Public Relatin Consultant,1,Public Relation Advisor,1,Public Relation Consultant,4,public relations strategist,1,Public Servant,1,Public Speaker,5,Public Speaker and Television Personality,1,Publicist,4,Publicist and Activist.,1,Published Photographer,1,Publisher,1,publisher of american greatness.,1,Punjabi,1,Punk Singer,1,Puppeteer,1,Puppeteer/ Actress,1,Pyscho-Sexologist,1,Quantitative Research Analyst,1,Quantitative Strategist,1,Quarterback,1,QVC Journalist,1,R &B record producer,1,R&B Artist,1,R&B SINGER,3,R&B singer and Instagram star,1,R&R Singer,1,Race Car Driver,1,Race Driver,1,Race Driver; 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Journalist,6,Republican candidate,1,Republican Candidate for Congress,2,Republican Strategist,3,Research Fellow,1,Research manager,1,Research scholar,1,Research Scientist,2,Researcher,8,Researcher & Writer,1,Restaurant Manager,4,Restaurant Owner,3,Restaurant owner and real estate developer,1,Restauranteur,3,Restaurateor,1,Restaurateur,6,Restaurateur and Chef,1,Restaurenteur,1,Restorer and Painter,1,Restorer/ TV Personality,1,Retail Manager,1,Retail Sales Associate,1,Retired Actress,2,Retired Army Officer,1,Retired Assistant Coach,1,Retired Baseball Player,1,Retired Basketball Player,1,Retired bull rider,2,Retired CEO & Businessman,1,Retired CIA Agent,1,retired footballer,1,Retired gamer,1,Retired gamer & streamer,1,Retired Indian Airforce Helicopter Pilot and a former IAF Squadron Leader and DGM for Reliance JIO,1,Retired Judge,1,Retired Marine bomb Tech,1,Retired Military,1,Retired Police Chief,1,Retired Police Officer,1,Retired Teacher,3,Retired U.S. Army General,1,reviewer,3,Rhode Island,1,Richard Rawlings Fiance,1,Rights activist,1,Riley,1,Rioter,1,Rising Star,2,Risk Consultant,1,Road Bicycle Racer,1,Robber,1,Robert William Davis,1,Rock Climber,2,Rock Climber and Life Coach,1,Rock Singer,4,Rocket Punch,7,Roger Cross and Josephine Jacob,1,Roller skater,1,Roofing Contractor,1,Royal Ballet Star,1,Rugby International player,1,Rugby Player,14,Rugby union Footballer,1,Rules Football Coach,1,Rules footballer,1,Rumoured for being in relationship with Melania Trump,1,Runner,5,Runway Model,1,Sailor,3,Sales & Marketing,1,Sales & Service Representative,1,Sales and Marketing Manager,1,Sales Director,2,Sales Executives,1,Sales Manager,2,Sales Person,1,Sales Specialist,1,Salesman,1,Sammy Hagar Wife,1,Satitrist,1,Satya Nadella Wife,1,Saxophonist,1,Scam Artist,1,School teacher,3,Schooler,1,Scientist,16,Scientist and Quizzer,1,Scientist/Researcher,1,Scoial Media star,1,Scottish,1,Screen Writer,3,Screenwriter,31,script-writer,1,Scriptwriter,1,Sculptor,3,Sculptor and Actress,1,SEAL Member,1,SECDEF; Army Veteran,1,Second Lieutenant,1,Second Unite Producer and Action Director,1,Secondary Coach,1,Secondary Coach for Tennessee Titans,1,secret daughter of Vladimir Putin,1,Secretary,2,Secretary (DHS),1,Secretary of State of Michigan,1,Security and Peace Building Specialist.,1,Security specialist in the Federal Government,1,Seismologist and scientist,1,Self-artist,1,Self-Claimed financial advisor and money manager,1,Self-employed,1,Semi-pro basketball player and ‘TikTok influencer’,1,Senator,4,Senior Adviser to the re-election campaign,1,Senior Advisor,1,Senior Analyst,2,Senior Campaigner,1,Senior Correspondent,1,Senior Design Engineer,1,Senior Design Manager,1,Senior Director,1,Senior executive,1,Senior Fellow,1,Senior Manager,1,Senior Reporter,1,Senior Sports Reporter,1,Senior Vice President,1,Senior Vice President of Nintendo of America and Businessman,1,sergeant,1,Sergeant in the LMPD,1,Serial Murder,1,serial Rapist,1,Set Decorator,1,Set Production Assistant,1,Sex Worker,1,Sexuality and Relationship Educator,1,Shawnee,1,She is well known as a Step-sister of “Louis Tomlinson”,1,She worked at Manhattan hedge fund,1,Shipper,1,Shoe Designer,2,Shop manager,1,Show Host,3,Show Jumper,1,Siddhartha Prajapati,1,Signed Model,1,signer,1,Singe-songwriter,3,Singer,1135,Singer (Band- One Direction),1,Singer / Musical Artist,1,Singer & Author,1,Singer & Songwriter,3,Singer and Actor,3,Singer and actress,1,Singer and Assistant Director,1,Singer and Band member of Little Mix,2,singer and creator,1,Singer and Filipino actress,1,Singer and Guitarist,1,singer and lyricist,2,Singer and Mode,1,Singer and Model,2,Singer and multi-instrumentalist,1,Singer and music producer,1,Singer and Musician,4,Singer and Philanthropist,1,Singer and Politician,1,Singer and Rapper,3,Singer and Social star,2,Singer and Song writer,12,Singer and song-writer,4,Singer and songwriter,14,Singer and Songwriter.,1,Singer and Songwritere,1,Singer and TV personality,1,Singer and Vlogger,2,Singer and Youtuber,1,Singer Songwriter & Counsellor,1,Singer-Songwriter,22,Singer-songwriter and musician,1,Singer; 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NCERT Point | Wiki Biography Net Worth: Drew Pritchard Wikipedia, Biography, Age, First Wife, Cars, Obituary, Death
Drew Pritchard Wikipedia, Biography, Age, First Wife, Cars, Obituary, Death
NCERT Point | Wiki Biography Net Worth
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