Is song hye kyo and sung yuri are friends?

Is song hye kyo and sung yuri are friends

The Strong Friendship Between Ok Joo-hyun and Song Hye-kyo

Ok Joo-hyun and Song Hye-kyo have long been known actress in the Korean world of video games. Both actress are also known as best friends, although they started their work in different ways. What happened between them? How did they meet and become friends? We’ll share information about their friendship stories, so stay tuned!

Best friend since the first year

Ok Joo-hyun and Song Hye-kyo read when they were both in high school. The two men met at the girls’ high school in Eunkwang and have been friends ever since. There is no other information about how they met and how they met for years. One thing is true, however: they support each other and yet they still involve closing their functions after joining the Korean tourism sector.

They have a career in the entertainment industry

Initially, Ok Joo-hyun as a member of a group of girls called Fin.K.L. with other members of Lee Hyo-ri, Lee Jin and Sung Yu-ri, in 1998 on DSP Media. The group has not been active since 2002 and was reportedly even broadcast unofficially. Its members found a way to continue their careers, including Ok Joo-hyun.
She began his solo career in 2003 and released the ballad “I …”, which reached tenth position on the Korean charts. On the second album, she lost weight and was still popular. After publishing his third album, he worked as a DJ for MBC radio and became a mixer for the Korean networks KBS and SBS. She has appeared in numerous television programs such as X-Men (2003) as a guest, King of The Mask (2015) as a candidate, Life Bar (2016) as a guest. She was selected for the main role of Bae Gang-hee in the television series The Musical (2011). He also published many television-related songs such as “Page 1 (Part 2) Se-yeon” for Cafe House (2010) T-ARA and “Ruby” Fin.K.L. for the answer 1997 (2012).

At the same time, Song Hye-kyo was 14 years old when she was awarded in a school uniform competition when she was in third grade. She began her acting career in the wedding dress of the television series (1997-1998) and played the role of a grandson. Her breakthrough came when, in the fall of 2000, she won the role of Yoon Eun-seo. She is also known for her roles in other popular TV shows such as Full House (2004), in which Han Ji-eun, That Winter, The Wind Blows (2013), in which she plays the role of Oh Young and Descendants of the Sun (2016) ), where he plays the role of Kang Mo-yeon, who gained popularity due to the performance of his girlfriend Song Joong-ki as a friend (then they were married in real life). He was nominated in many films and categories at many competitions.

Both players have their own actions in their own way. Ok Joo-hyun is interested in his character as a singer and actor, especially in the field of music, while Song Hye-kyo played in many television series and movies.

Support each other

Their complementary work is not a reason to separate them. Apparently Song Hye-kyo was with her when she was soon to be married, Song Joong-ki, visiting Ok Joo-hyun, when she was working in the theater for her Rebbec music at the age of 12. , expressed support in October 2017. Ok Joo-hyun posted a photo on his Instagram account showing his happy face between the faces of his wedding.
Ok Joo-hyun will also sing a solemn song at the wedding of Hye-kyo and Song Joong-ki.

Ok Joo-hyun at Song Hye-kyo wedding

Song Hye-kyo and Song Joong-ki finally got married on October 31, 2017. Many artists, including Ok Joo-hyun, got married. He performed the solemn song “A Whole New World” from the movie Disney Aladdin. The song was asked by a couple and I thought of them as a storyteller’s friend, so he asked for her. The old idiom tore himself after singing the first four poems and stopped for a moment.
Later, in an interview with Power Time SBS PowerFM, Hwa Jung’s Power Time, in January 2018, Ok Joo-hyun revealed the reason for her wedding at the wedding. As Soompi said, the actress said, “When I sang, I saw the crying Hye-kyo song, so I started crying.” He also said that he had known Song Hye-kyo for so long that he knew his friend didn’t cry often. Later, the demon Ok, Joo-hyun saw that Song Hye-kyo’s nose was also red

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