Jackson Wang And HEO Young-JI | Dating Rumors and Evidence

Jackson Wang And HEO Young-JI  Dating Rumors and Evidence

Jackson Wang And HEO Young-JI Dating

Their lovely interactions, which often distract each other, mean that many people around them tease them for their marriage. There are many of his fans who support their relationships, commonly known as ” JackJi Chargers “The word” JackJi “is an acronym for Jackson and Young-ji.

Because the inmates were angry “Roommates” PD Park Sang-hyuk issued a statement and said that he thought it would be difficult to create the love relationship between Jackson and Young Ji, who fought hard every day they met. Some things they fight for Many opinions appear if they fight like the person they meet.

Park Sang-hyuk PD said: “They are both the same age, their debut is only 7 months, and the promotion program is similar. Of course, Jackson and Youngji often understand that they are high school kids. In general, they like to flirt. together Them or fight when they meet. Also, Jackson always enjoys his hymns and other midday songs, so it’s not just Youngji. “

On November 17, 2014, GOT7 held a showcase to return to the AX Hall in Gwangju Jang Seoul, where GOT7 promoted his new album, Identify.

Jackson revealed his thoughts about how to match up with the members of the male actors Lee Gook-joo and KARA’s Heo Youngji, and when they asked Jackson about his relationship with Youngji KARA because of the beautiful interaction during the performance. “SBS” roommates they mumble and tease Jackson replied:

“I’m very close to Young Ji about us being” some “. I don’t even know what” some “is (understanding each other),”

He continued: “And Kook Jununa is like my real sister. She takes care of me as my true sister. We are very close and I like you very much. But Gookju hyung likes Seo Kang-joon hyung, I can’t do anything “which makes people laugh in the room.

During a tanned interview with Osen Youngji talking about Jackson and also refusing to have “Relationship” with him also says “You can say, look around a lot of people. Protect yourself from the iron around me. Also, I don’t think Now, when asked if he sometimes saw Jackson as a man, she replied: “Jackson has a delicate side. He is angry when you call him cute, saying that he is a “real person” … but there are times when he acts as a trusted oppa. He handled heavy matters for me and took care of me. I’m very excited But it’s only a short time. I don’t like him as a man. But is a friend of the same sex The opportunity of the meeting is 0. Jackson thinks so. “…

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