Jackson Wang And HEO Young-JI In Weekly Idol

Jackson Wang And HEO Young-JI In Weekly Idol

Jackson and Youngji in Weekly Idol

One of the “Weekly Idol” special episodes, MBC invited Big Byung and Chamsonyeo as guest stars. Bi Byung consists of Sungjae BTOB, Jackson GOT7, N, and Hyuk VIXX, while Chamsonyeo consists of After School Lizzy, 4Minute Sohyun, and Young-ji KARA and G.Na, both of which are project groups from various programs called “Hitmaker”, “Hitmaker”, is a South Korean television broadcast on MBC Every1, presented by Jeong Hyeong-don’s partner and South Korean Defconn, which is “Weekly Idol. “Of the MC.

There is something interesting in the special episode of “The Weekly Idol”: Wang Jackson and Heo Young-ji meet again at this event. Both joined the “Hitmaker” group and played a key role as guests on the special episode.

They play a lie-match game that MC issued a statement and all members have to answer yes or no one at a time. The first thing to do is Jackson and the host announcing the statement: “I think Yongji is a woman” and Jackson says “yes” because he thinks it’s a lie. In response to Jackson’s thoughts, Gina said: “Oh, I know what he means But I don’t think so. “Then the lie detector revealed the truth that left Jackson and the others behind the surprise.

Everyone was very happy and congratulated, and Sungjae said, “Oh! Therefore, everything shown on the program up until now has not been a situation. Hyeong-don then says “DSP and JYP have to go (speak)” and he proceeded “clinging to their delivery” while Jackson. And Yongji has no problems

Before the turn of Young-ji, MC asked Jackson, “When do you feel differently about this girl?” “Frankly, when we meet” and Jackson looks a little shy from what he says. He continues: “No, because normally you won’t see the other person. (Like a girl) when you see yourself for the first time “and Seung Jae replied that “But I don’t.” Jackson tried again. “Instead of seeing us as women, it’s just” Oh, we’ll be together. “This causes more confusion when hearing this. Young-ji can’t calm down and Jackson tells Young-ji to help him explain his words. When he sees this, MC says” You don’t have a fight at all. Really? “Which made them both laugh, Jackson explained:” Over time, now you are very close friends. “

In the end, they moved to Yongji. Sungjae said “Let’s confirm the girl’s heart” with Jackson Young-ji receiving a similar message: “I, Young-ji’s roommate, have the same heart as Jackson (I feel the same)” Young-ji is still trying to explain, yes. And also revealed in the interview as well Jackson tried to help Young-ji by telling him that in many cases the “lie” would be effective and Young-ji replied “Ah that’s fine” and finally he said “yes” is waiting for Jack’s results. The ridge of the lie detector says “Lie will come out. I know 100%. This car always comes with” lie. Suddenly, the car came out of the ‘truth’ which he made to everyone, including Jackson and Yong Chi, was really surprised. Everyone except Jackson and Young Ji were so excited they changed the location for Youngji and Jackson sat next to each other and Defconn said, “However, since they both feel the same, I hope they are excited.” “G. Na also said that “Congratulations to them” while Jackson and Young-ji remained silent.

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