Lets check Oh My Girl’s Yooa’s Transformation after Time

Oh My Girl’s Yooa’s Transformation after Time

Yoo-A (The Face of the Girl Group Oh My Girl) Wiki

Oh My Girl is a Korean idol group founded by WM Entertainment. The group started on April 20, 2015. Initially, the group consisted of eight members. But one member left due to health problems. Oh My Girl succeeded when they released their hit song “Secret Garden”. Learn more about Oh My Girl Yoo-A’s face in the Korean channel article below!

Yoo-A is a member of the Korean idol group Oh My Girl. She is the main dancer, singer and face of Oh My Girl.Among other members, she is famous for her small and charming face that is shaped. Like a doll His hobby is spending time alone and listening to music. Her real name is Yoo Yeon-joo, but she changed her name to Yoo Shiah.

Debut with Oh My Girl

Yoo A debuted with Oh My Girl on April 20, 2015 at the age of 20. “Oh My Girl” released with a mini album “Oh My Girl” with the single “Cupid”. Small face and body. That is his proportion attracts more attention than other members.


“Cupid” was one of the first mini albums called Oh My Girl. Oh My Girl starred for the first time in “The Cupid” in the SBS series. At that time, Oh My Girl debuted and played with eight members of the “Cupid” MV. Their distinctive colors are pastel blue and pink. Their concept of “Cupid” is the concept of cheerleader Oh My Girl. Look lively and sporty in a cheerleader outfit. MV is influenced by pastel blue and pink colors to show a youthful appearance. Yoo A attracts Interested with a good smile and a nice yellow suit


Closer is an album of Oh My Girl’s return after their first album. The album was released on October 8, 2015. With five songs, including the hit song “Closer” in the clip “Closer”, Yoo A came into the center and became the band’s face at the beginning of the clip. She is very beautiful with a short white dress that shows long legs and proportions.

The concept of “intimate” is a puzzle and imagination from fairy tales for children. They first appeared in a big house surrounded by creeping plants, and then a girl mimicked one of the most famous characters in the story of Little Red Riding Hood.

Liar Liar

Oh My Girl released their third album Pink Pink on March 28, 2016. The fifth album was released, including Liar Liar alone. During the live performance of “Liar Liar”, all members wore women’s outfits in colors that Different. “Liar Liar” is a catchy and compelling song.

Pink Ocean’s ‘Liar Liar’ concept consists of clean and vibrant teenagers. In the video, they wear daily clothes by an ordinary girl. Yoo A is so cute when she comes under the towel.

Windy Day

Windy Day is Oh My Girl’s fourth album. Windy Day was released on May 26, 2016 and includes the eighth single, including the first single entitled “Windy Day”. The album also contains the song “Liar. Liar “in the Chinese version

“Windy Day” begins with the melody of the acoustic guitar and the sweet atmosphere, but suddenly transforms into a catchy song with the sound of a small Indian acoustic guitar. It’s the only roller coaster with a sweet atmosphere combined with catchy music. Yoo A looks more mature with a sleeveless MV dress.

Listen to my words (A-ing)

On August 1, 2016, Oh My Girl released a special remake of the summer album. The main title of the album is “Listen to My Word (A-ing)” with Skull and Hahaha. The single has Jamaican and Reggae beats that are easy to listen to. On a hot and weary summer day, listeners can relax by listening to the fresh and refreshing reggae music in the movie Yoo A, showing how small his face is covered with simple shells.

Remember me

Remember Me is Oh My Girl’s sixth mini-album. Announcing the release of a new album on September 10, 2018, this album consists of five songs titled “Remember Me”. Following the Secret Garden concept from the previous album Remember Me uses the Sky Garden concept. Fans are invited to Paradise Park. Under a dark sky sparkling like fireworks, the members of Oh My Girl shine their beautiful light. Yoo A looks elegant in a white floral dress. This time, she dyed her blonde hair.

Fifth Season (SSFWL)

The fifth season is the first regular album, Oh My Girl, released on May 8, 2019. The main single of this album is called “The Fifth Season” (SSFWL). The album cover is a picture of a ballerina group. According to the concept of this album, all the members of the group have become ballerinas. As usual, Yoo A is beautiful and elegant with asymmetrical black dresses. Among other members, he is the only one wearing a sleeveless dress. It looks like his stylist wants the public to admire the combination of his little face and sexy arms.

This is the charismatic change of Yoo-A Oh My Girl to support his entertainment career. What do you think? Don’t forget to leave a comment in the section below!

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