Who is BTS’s Kim Seokjin’s girlfriend ? Lets check out Details

Who is BTS’s Kim Seokjin's girlfriend  Lets check out Details

Seok-jin or Kim Seok-jin is better known as Nick, Jin is a singer as well as graphic artist of BTS. He is the oldest member of BTS. He was born on December 4, 1992. Jin debuted at BTS on June 13, 2013. Before joining the group, he worked for his father’s company.

In the beginning, SeokJin didn’t think or want to be a K-Pop idol. But he wants to be an actor He specializes in acting. And finally, someone asked him to audition with a group of boys, even though he thought he didn’t have musical skills. However, with time and with BTS, he always tries to be his best and always be positive.

Jin is the son of CEO and his brother’s girlfriend, also the owner of a famous beauty salon in Korea. Jin and BTS are currently traveling the world and promoting their new album.

Jin, who is well known for his self-confidence, nicknamed him “Handsome all over the world” and his beautiful appearance makes people wonder if he has a girlfriend or not.

BTS Seokjin have a girlfriend yet?

It’s normal for you to become an idol with many rumors about encounters or lovers. One of them is like BTS Jin. They often say that they have a girlfriend. In 2015, Jin will meet comedian Lee Guk-joo. The problem begins with a statement by Jo Se Ho that actor Lee Guk Joo is currently Dating a beautiful idol, then the fans immediately wondered if it’s Jin because they are very close and are good friends. In addition, Jin once said that her ideal woman is fat cheeks, which leads to Lee Gook Joo.

However, the rumor ended after Lee Guk-joo released a statement about Radio Star. He said that Jin is not his girlfriend. Instead of saying that the ideal ideals of Jin are people who like to cook and have a good heart.

Recently, Jin also met a member of the girl group LABOUM, Sol-bin. Initially, this message will appear in June, one of the music concerts. In the series, Jin is a special host, while Seoul Bin has been a longtime music program host.

However, on that night, Solbin was the last host to receive the fire. When the party was over, Solbin made a good impression and the latest news about the party and began to cry, so she couldn’t say it and the other MCs took on Solbin.

At the same time, Solbin created the Live in VLIVE app. Suddenly, Jin began to promote it. However, she answered Jin’s name by saying that Jin is a senior.

Many have become more suspicious after seeing photos of LABOUM and Bangtan Boys or the BTS members behind “M! Countdown” sent on August 30. In the pictures, Solin and Jin seem to look the same, lifting their thumbs and fingers. Pointed under the chin

That said, there are times when celebrities are preparing for speculation. For example, Blackpink’s Jin and Jisoo because they are older members as well as visual elements in their group, so many fans get along.

Many of the alerts are still distorted, so there is no Jin or Solbin’s explanation for these messages.

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