Baek Ah-Yeon is a South Korean solo artist first known when she was part of the K-Pop Star program in the same season that Park Ji Min and Lee Hee attended. She is building her career in the singing and music industry. Learn more about Baek Ah-yeon in this Korean channel article! Lets check SOLO ARTIST BAEK AH-YEON: PROFILE, APPEARANCE ON ‘K-POP STAR’, DEBUT UNDER JYP ENTERTAINMENT, AND MORE details given in post.

Full Profile and Facts of Baek Ah-yeon

  • Stage Name: Baek A Yeon (백아연)
  • Birth Name: Baek Ah Yeon (백아연)
  • Date of Birth: March 11th, 1993
  • Zodiac Sign: Pisces
  • Nationality: Korean
  • Weight: 43 kg (94 lbs)
  • Height: 162 cm (5 ft 3¾ in)
  • Blood Type: B
  • Instagram: @ayeoniiiiii
  • Twitter: @100ayeon
  • Facebook: 100ayeon
  • YouTube: Baek A Yeon
  • Daum Café: 100ayeon

Baek A Yeon’s Facts:

– She was born in Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
– She is a graduate of Hawn University.
– Her religion is Christian.
– Her nickname is Steel Heart.
– She can play guitar, piano and keyboard
– Her hobbies include manicure and songwriting
– She has a dog named Happy.
– She is a member of K-Pop Star 1 and is ranked 3rd by Park Jimin and Lee Hi. After making the decision, she decided to join JYP Entertainment.
– She has lymphoma (A type of cancer associated with the cells of the immune system known as lymphocytes) at a young age She is now fully recovered from cancer after receiving treatment.

Appearance on K-Pop Star

Baek Ah Yeon participated in the first season of the talent show 2012 called K-Pop Star. In the first season of K-Pop Star, she became one of the three brightest stars alongside Park J-min and Lee Hi when She was taken out of various entertainment company shows, offering her contract. Baek Ah Yeon decided to apply for JYP Entertainment. Which is one of the companies that is involved in the decision at K-Pop Star

Debut as a Solo Artist

Since Baek Ah Yeon became popular after K-Pop Star was ranked third, she became a solo artist immediately after signing a special contract with JYP Entertainment. Apparently, at that time, there was no song written by JYP herself on his debut album on September 5, 2012. Her first album, Baek and tracklist, was released via Naver Music. Baek consists of five songs: “Slow Song”, “You Stay, Stay”, “Love, Love, Love”, “Always” and the lead single “Sad Song”. On September 10, Baek Ah Yeon’s debut album was released. Officially on all major music streaming websites

Some musicians have collaborated on their own album, I Am Baek, as the composer of Super Chingddai, who has worked with famous artists such as 2PM, Miss A, Teen Top, and Kim Beom Soo, writing the title song “Slow Song. “Jones of 2: 00 is also known as Joon K, especially writing the song” Always “. For Beck Ah Yeon, other songwriters have contributed to the remaining songs.

A source from JYP Entertainment revealed, “While she was training with us, JYPE, she has screened and showed her talents and potential previously suspended in her. Listeners and fans will experience Attractive vocals

Not only did she release the album, but Baek Ah Yeon was also involved in the OST. On December 15, Baek released her original Daddy Long Nogs soundtrack for the SBS drama Cheongdam-dong Alice. She also recorded “Introduction to Love” for MBC drama “When a Man Falls In Love.” In addition, in June 2013, she also released “Good Boy”. After that, “Tears Too Love” for MBC “Goddess of Fire OST”. In addition, in May 2014, Baek released the song “Three Things That Left Me” by Specifically for SBS Angel Eyes. She also released another track “Morning of the Canon” for MBC drama “You’re My Destiny”. Baek Ah Yeon also sang “So We Are” for the soundtrack to K. -Drama Jong Pal, famous

Her first single “Shouldn’t Have” (featuring Young K’s Day6) was released on May 20, 2015. She received recognition for this song because she is ranked in the various Korean music charts.

In May 2016, she released her second single, So-So, and in November 2016, she also released the festival single called “Just Because” with JB from Got7 on May 29, 2017. Her third EP It’s called Bittersweet, having six tracks and leading the single “Sweet Lies” featuring The Barberettes. Her fourth mini-album was released in November 2018 under the name Dear Me, which consists of six songs with a single. Top “Sorry To Myself

Departing from JYP Entertainment

On September 16, 2019, Baek Ah Yeon confirmed that she left JYP Entertainment. Permanently due to the expiration date and she decided not to renew the contract

JYP Entertainment Announcing that they will sincerely carry forward Baek Ah Yeon’s bright future and ask fans to support the singers in their songs to receive love and bring happiness. As previously reported, the contract clearly expired on 30 August 2019.

On September 16, Baek Ah Yeon posted a farewell speech in his personal Instagram account saying “Goodbye” sincerely to JYP Entertainment. Who has been a constant supporter of her music career since 2012. Below is her Instagram post!

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