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Song Jun-Ki is known as one of South Korea's most successful actors, especially after he played the role of Yo-Jin in "Descendants of the Sun" as the actor Song Joong Ki. On September 19, 1985, he had a good image. But has an immature face because his face hasn't changed since the actor's debut and has appeared in many movies, including in K-Dramas.

As a famous actor, Song Rong Ki is known for his many achievements and awards in various activities. In addition, Song Sung Ki is married to one of his stars with the drama of the successor of Sun Sung Hye Kyo and the group. He is called many songs because of the chemistry in drama.

However, Song Jong Qi, who has been married to Son Hyo Kyo for two years, announced divorce. However, his career in the acting world is not over yet, although he faces some challenges in his personal life.

Let's check out the latest updates and news from Song Joong for those who think of actors from Descendants of the Sun.

Song Joong-ki in His Latest Drama, Arthdal Chronicles

The song Joong Ki starred in the new Arthdal ​​Chronicles drama, which he began to release on June 1, 2019. On television, it ended with a total of 18 episodes. On September 22, 2019, the drama was split into three parts, and Song Joon plays one of the main characters named Yun Seim.

The Artadalic Chronicles tell the story of a hero who wrote his own legend in the legendary land of Art. The drama consists of three parts, each consisting of six episodes:

Episode 1: Children of Prophecy

Episode 2: The sky is inside the rising earth

Episode 3: Art, the Prelude to All Legends

In the chronicles of the Artdal Song, Jong Ki plays Yun-soka, son of Asahon (Shuja Hyun) and a member of the Han family. He was born of a mother-man whose husband is a stone age. His personality, talent and unique personality make him excluded from the group, and the enigmatic identity of Yun-sem adds a dramatic mystery.

"With the character who has grown and grown the most, I feel connected to the fact that Yun-soo is confronted with his personality. Although he is often hurt, he does not give up and works hard to find a way in his life." Joong-Ki said.

The reason that Song Joon Ki plays Yun-soka in the Artadal Chronicles is an interest in a script written by Kim Young Hyun and Sang Yon Park. "I remember when the director and screenwriter described in general the feeling of this drama before I got the part. My first impression is that it is a satisfying historical story."

The actor, one of the cast members of "Running Man", was under the impression that the history of the "Artadal Chronicles" made a mysterious impression that he had first heard about Greek and Roman myths. Since this drama is a fictional drama, Song Joon Ki comments on the character played by Yun Suk.

"I have to train on a horse not to hurt me. I trained a lot and it turned out that the riding scene went off without a hitch. I'm still trying to attack and get close to the riding horse, even if there is no shooting schedule that day." June Ki.

Aside from the fact that many fans are passionate about new television dramas, the Artdal Chronicles have many similarities to Game of Thrones in terms of artistic expression. Due to mass production, the Artdal Chronicles are often called the Game of Thrones in Korea.

Recently, South Korean Internet users have shared a comparison between the two episodes in the Qoo forum, and publication in the Arthdalic Chronicles has immediately caught the attention of other networks. One comparative photo shows a figure of Ned Stark sitting on a steel throne. Next to him you will see a figure of Tacon (Jang Dong Gun) sitting on a throne shaped bear.

The other photo shows a Tacon character in a robe reminiscent of a crow or night watch member worn by John Snow. There are also similarities between Melisandre's red headdress in Game of Thrones and one of the characters in the Chronicles of Artadalus, and there are many comparisons between the two series.

At the same time, many Korean citizens seem to be provoking the resemblance between the "Artadal Chronicles" and "Game of Thrones": "Why more trailers, the list is growing?" PannChoa

"That's not bad at all, is it?" Said another citizen, not only in Korea, but also attracting the attention of world citizens. "Lmao, I'm dead, I'm looking at the throne. I hope this drama fits in with advertising," said Reddit user Jaceydarling. A Twitter user wrote: "Arthdal ​​Chronicles is a Korean adaptation of the Game of Thrones."

The character of Joong Ki's song in "Arthdal ​​Chronicles" received a lot of replies from Internet users who posted comments on the official tvN message on Instagram. "He is good at becoming a beautiful woman. Many of the Perfect Face," one Internet user wrote, "is very beautiful," others say.

For the ratings of Arthdal ​​Chronicles, the drama has a relatively low rating due to controversy among viewers who claim that the drama has too much connection with Game of Thrones.

According to Korea Times, Arthdal ​​Chronicles' first episode received only 6.7% and 7.3% for episode 2 below, compared to other major TVN series such as Mr. Sunny last year which received 8.9 and 9.7% accordingly. Sequence for first two episodes

The fifth episode of The Artadal Chronicles, which aired on June 15, 2019, even touched the lowest level of 5.7% .However, it rose again to 7.2%, with a peak of 8.1% in the sixth episode, which aired on June 16, 2019.

Although the score will still fluctuate But in reality, Artadal Chronicles is not a Korean drama. This drama is considered a hit with a budget of up to 40 billion. Of course, the visual effects of CGI, real estate, and production projects are the reason why this drama is very expensive.

Not to mention the participation of many of the best Korean artists, said Jang Dong Gun, a famous senior actor who is a very successful drama, the prestige of the gentlemen Song Jun Ki and Kim. Ji Wing There are about ten people or maybe hundreds of actors involved.

Rating of spoilers and "Artadal Chronicles" at the beginning of episode 3 will be explained in the next section:

At the beginning of the third season of "Chart Songs", Jun-kono knelt in front of Kim Jie-Wing and held hands with Kim Ji Wing, despite the hopes of Song Rong Ki's hands. The relationship between them is like a boss and a slave in the first and second seasons. However, it is believed that the changing status of Kim Ji Wing will change the relationship between them in the next episodes.

The production team, Arthdal ​​Chronicles, said that Eun-seom would be very useful. In season three, Joong-ki's songs changed Eun-seom into raw form. "There is no doubt that Un-Seem will be against my authority. Hopefully there is a charm to act in the next episode, "the TV crew told TVN.

On September 22, 2019, the television aired the latest episode of Artadal Chronicles.This drama, starring Kim Ji-Wing and Song Joon-ki, scored a record of 7.4%.

The next part is one of the spoilers for the end of the Artada Chronicles.

At the end of Yun-sem (Song Song-ki), he finally became the legend of Inaingi and was respected by all the Ago tribes that are regarded as heroes. In contrast, Jang Dong Gun became King Artdal and married directly to Tan Ya (winner Kim Kim). Unfortunately, Tan Yang and Yun-sem were not related to the previous episode.

After the broadcast, internet users and fans began to express different opinions. Only a few hope that TVN will release the second season of this series without changing players.

"I seriously thought that it would end like that. But they abandoned the term 'sequel' !!! I received the goose at once !! Season 2 and 3 of production without changing actors. Huhhu is very fun. "

"Please create next season before my excitement disappears ... I can release this by looking at the pay. I like it. You don't have to let Yunse and Tan Ya meet at least."

"I'll watch too, even if you have to pay for the second season."

"Begin shooting the second season as soon as possible. Juhuhu waits for Juhuhu to get hurt."

"This drama is crazy ... Request another second season soon"

When will the second season come out? "


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