What Happens With 2PM Members? Check Out Their Latest News!

Lets check What Happens With 2PM Members? Check Out Their Latest News! details given in post

What Happens With 2PM Members? Check Out Their Latest News!

Lets Know More About 2PM

The world noticed them when they released the song. "Put your hands" but 2:00 is one of the most popular youth groups in South Korea. They have many fans around the world called HOTTEST. Something about 2:00 will be interesting to know.

In this article, Channel-Korea Will give details on how you can get up close and personal with members for 2 hours: drunk driving, facial paralysis, and plastic surgery. Tekeion's return from his new military service account at Junho's conscription Instagram in his latest K-Drama confession, the appearance of Nickhun in Arthdal ​​Chronicles, his lecture, suggests the return of the second evening, entering Changsung's soldiers in the play, the birthday of the military camp TH

#1 Jun.K

Kim Min-June, also known as 2:00 PM Jun.K, is the lead singer and brother of the Korean youth team JYP Entertainment. At 2:00 am, he is one of the talented people in the music industry. And entertainment, which is known as singers, songwriters, producers, rappers, dancers and actors.

Jun.K Arrested by Drunk driving

It was revealed that one of the members, 2:00 Jun.K, was arrested while driving under the influence of alcohol on February 10, 2018 at approximately 7:00 am

The report shows that he had 0.074 percent of his blood alcohol content, which was enough to stop police authorization. At that time, he drove alone. A source from the Gangnam Police Department said that Jun-k is not opposed to the police, which is currently investigating a drunk driver and after that his supervisor picks up the car.

On February 13, at the same time the news broke, JYP Entertainment 2PM released an official statement regarding the matter. Their statements are as follows:

"Hello, this is JYP Entertainment. We are very sorry for the drunk driving by the artist Kim Minh Jun (Jun.K). Kim Min-June herself felt very sad and contemplative. Going forward, all activities of the company will be canceled and we will respect the intention of our foreign partners and the companies we promised. Our company regularly educates celebrities about ways to prevent drunk driving and We have driver services that we have used since 2014. The company still pays for the full use of the designated driver service. However, we are aware of our responsibility for what is happening and will improve and consider more effective prevention measures. We apologize again. "

The same day, June-K posted an apology to the official fan cafe at 2:00:

"It's Min Joon (Jun-K). First of all, I'm sorry I wrote you a letter for that kind of thing. My decision is not yet of legal age. I know that this negotiation is a big deal. Under the influence But with this error "I look back on myself and think deeply about my actions for the fans who trust and love me like my members. I apologize with sincere disappointment."

Jun.K Facial paralysis

During military training on June 2 last year, there were reports of facial nerve palsy. Now, JYP Entertainment Issued a full statement to confirm the agency's fans confirmed that the message was incorrect.

"Hello, this is JYPE. We wrote to broadcast the news after reconciliation with the military unit and Jun.K himself. After joining Jun.K, he felt pain in his shoulder and therefore went to the army hospital and received However, he is currently enrolled in a strong health training program, registered in May and chosen as a platoon soldier and with great results. So he is given the opportunity to call his members and alom to the form of life in a residential barracks. We thank the experienced supporters for Jun.K and always support it. Thank you. "

On June 7, Sports Kyunghyang reported that Jun.K is currently undergoing military training at a training center in Gangwon Province to develop a cerebral palsy in the lower right side of the face, according to Jun.K reports. And they will recur shortly after

Later that day, JYP Entertainment said, "Because of this incident in the military, it is difficult for us to confirm the situation. As soon as we can confirm what happened, we will let you know."

Jun.K Plastic surgery 

After the news of facial nerve paralysis, Jun.K was released during his military training. However, speculation intensified when it was revealed that the singer had undergone plastic surgery on his jaw a month before. Nut This made the fans suspect that the court

JYP Entertainment Report and claim that it is actually a pain in the shoulder, not the chin. However, according to a recent report about his cosmetic surgery, he speculated that he is now experiencing side effects from the process.

#2. Taecyeon

Taecyeon's charming rapper on the second evening has a bright smile and a beautiful face. He is not only a singer. But is also a singer, rapper, songwriter, actor, and entrepreneur. The latest news about Taecyeon is that he has not renewed his contract with JYP Entertainment. But signing a new contract with 51K Entertainment on July 25, 2018.However, even though he moved to another agency, Taecyeon is also a member of 2PM.

Return from military service

On 16 May 2019, the 2nd Prime Minister of Techeion officially entered military service after military service on 4 September 2017.

There are more than 500 fans participating in showing their help to Taecyeon and many fans are foreigners. He took a moment to thank all the fans who performed while he said "First of all, I want to thank the fans that are waiting for me. I don't know how many people are coming. Today, I promise to come back soon. Tequion also expressed my gratitude to all the fans who participated in giving coffee!

During a meeting with an address journalist, he explained that he missed his colleague very much in the afternoon.

He said: "I can't contact both members. (Jun Ki and Wooyoung) Since they are still in the military service, I will meet Nishun later. I have seen Chang San during the members service often. Junho is very busy with dramas and tours that he didn't come in to me. Missing the 2:00 members now have 2 soldiers, but I miss each other very much and I hope all of our beloved members will come together soon. Show our awesome images "

However, his CNC colleagues, Chang San, were there to greet him and they exchanged smiles and warm greetings when they met. Taecyeon is the first 2PM member to pass the military service.

Taecyeon's Instagram account

Taecyeon was able to control his online profile according to the statement he made regarding the person accused of harassing him and the 2PM members.

He explained his decision to create a personal account in Instagram's profile. "Spellier created an Instagram account using his email address. I decided to create a real Instagram account." K-Pop star wrote his account name. @taecyeonokay Is the full name of Korea: Ok Taecyeon


Lee Jun-ho is a member of South Korea's famous 2PM youth team known as Junho since 2 PM. In addition to his work as a singer, Junho is also a very good actor and has acted in many dramas and movies.


Nichkhun is the only one in Thailand with a good face, pleasant voice, good personality and a group of pictures nicknamed the Korean prince Nichong, a Thai-American singer-songwriter, rapper, actor and model. Location in South Korea


The cute giant MacNay (the youngest participant) 2:00, Hwang Chan Sen is well known for his name Chang Sang. The youngest participants have so many different talents that they are singers, dancers and actors. Participants who appeared in popular K-Drama such as "Kim Kim, what's wrong", "Touch Your Heart" and "Suspicious Partner".


WWE member Kian Woo Young is known as Jason in the famous K-Drama Dream High. He is regarded as a sweet and funny participant named Busan (boy) and is one of the good listeners. The best in JYP Entertainment.


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NCERT Point | Wiki Biography Net Worth: What Happens With 2PM Members? Check Out Their Latest News!
What Happens With 2PM Members? Check Out Their Latest News!
Lets check What Happens With 2PM Members? Check Out Their Latest News! details given in post
NCERT Point | Wiki Biography Net Worth
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