Are the BTS members gay?

Are the BTS members gay?

# SEI Han ( From South Korea) Opinion

As a Korean, it is hard to see why foreigners are interested in whether or not BTS members are gay. However, if these issues are related to the behavior of BTS members, I believe it is a misunderstanding due to cultural differences. Lets check by following points that  BTS members are not gay.

<< Skinship >>

When I first visited the United States, I heard that men have cute pet cases, and if they are dressed in pink, they are most likely mistaken for gays. In addition, women say putting their hands or arms, others may look weird.

To be honest, I was very surprised to hear that. This is because in Korea it is very natural to have relationships with same-sex friends. Therefore, they are not treated as homosexuals at all. Rather, in the case of skin, same-sex relationships may be more natural than relationships between friends of the opposite sex.

<< cute things, pink clothes, earrings and more >>

Do men have cute things, even if they are dressed in pink, they do not think they are gay. As anyone who has been to Korea knows, Korea is a country where pretty business with characters has grown. And we were born and raised in that environment, so I think a guy never gay likes something sweet.

Just by browsing the world-famous beauty industry such as Korean cosmetics, skincare, makeup and fashion, you can see how Koreans, especially young people, love to wear their own clothes. Therefore, it is not a problem for men to wear different colors such as pink, yellow, orange and Korean earrings.

<< Makeup >>

I know a strange idea about how many foreign men wear makeup. In Korea, ordinary people wear makeup too much. But if he’s a celebrity, especially an idol, that’s another story. Korean idols are trying to make them look as beautiful as many young people like them. Therefore, makeup is designed to compensate for skin imperfections and enhance the appearance of the air. They also do this in their singing concept. (For example, if their song is a dark or wild concept, they wear darker eye makeup.) For idols, stage makeup is not an option, but a must. These are the reasons why it’s so unreasonable to think that male idols are homosexual just because they do makeup on their faces.


It’s a pity that “gay” issues were mentioned by foreigners unfamiliar with Korean culture before BTS was in Korea before becoming an international youth group. If a BTS member is considered homosexual for his or her actions, then all male idols in Korea must be gay.

I understand that it is never easy to understand and accept all cultures in other countries without prejudice. But unlike what they know, people think that these cultural differences should not be foolishly criticized or judged. Rather, people think that they should respect other countries because they do not know their culture well enough.

I hope this article helps foreigners who are unfamiliar with Korean culture, despite the lack of English. I want to talk more about this topic, but English is too complicated for me, so it ends here.

Thank you for reading this. ^ – ^