Awkwafina Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Partner, Husband, Boyfriend, House, Movies, Ethnicity

Awkwafina Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Partner, Husband, Boyfriend, House, Movies, Ethnicity

Awakawa Finn was born in Naralam, an well known American rapper as well as actress who won the Golden Globe.

Born on June 2, 1988. She is most famous by her name known as Akwavafina, an 31-year-old American actor as well as rapper. She was born in New York, USA She grew up in Forest Hill, Queens. 

Awkwafina parents are good as well as Supportive to her. Her parents are belongs to different ethnics in which Her father is a Chinese American and on other hand Her mother is Korean. She was raised by her father and grandparents because she was only four years old and When her mother died  from a long time. Lets check Awkwafina Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Partner, Husband, Boyfriend, House, Movies, Ethnicity details given in this post.

Awkwafina Wiki

Real Name Nora Lum
Birthday / Date of Birth 2nd June 1988
Age 31
Birth Sign Gemini
Born Country U.S
Nationality American
Hometown / Birthplace New York, USA
Ethnicity Asian
Religion Christianity
Siblings N/A
Profession Rapper / Actress
High School / College / University University of Albany, New York state University, University of Language and Culture in Beijing
Marital Status Not Married
Current Relationship Status Dating
Boyfriend Identity not disclosed
Children / Kids None
Social Media Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube
Net Worth $5 million
Height in Feet 5 ft 3 in

Awkwafina Education

Awkwafina¬†studied at Lardardia High School. Previously, it was a pipe. The first time she chose a stage name ‚ÄúAkwafina‚ÄĚ in high school when she was 16 years old.

Awkwafina  has brought mass communication and women’s education into the university’s main subjects. She is a graduate of the State University of New York from the University of Albany. She also attended the Beijing Language and Culture University in China, where She studied Mandarin from 2006 to 2008.

Awkwafina’s Family: Mother / Father

The 31-year-old rapper was born for Valley’s father and Tia’s mother. Her mother is a Korean immigrant and her father is a Chinese-American. Her childhood tragedy is remarkable because she doesn’t spend much of her childhood with her mother.

It’s a shame that she lost her mother when she was four years old. Therefore, the father and grandmother of Avafafina are responsible for the upbringing.

Thanks to the father who taught softball to dress up like a boy and watch @sternshow. I’m proud to be your daughter.

Awkwafina Relationships

As a teenager, she is not a woman, so her love life is not prosperous. At that time She realized that She did not intend to make a relationship.

There was also news that she had a blind date that one of her friends had planned at school. The first person she saw was her favorite photographer. But over time the relationship didn’t last long and said goodbye.

She began dating someone not yet named. In a 2018 interview, she said that she fell in love with a very happy ex-girlfriend.

Awkwafina  Career

She began her career at age 13 since from 2012. She is famous for her reaction to Mickey Avalon‚Äôs ‚ÄúMy Weight‚ÄĚ. This video shows a lot of views on YouTube.

She has worked in the industry since 2011 and has worked with many artists. In 2016, She collaborated with Margaret Comedy in Green Tea.

She has also appeared in many movies, TV shows and web series. Her feature film, including the Bad Bad Rap, winner of the Tribeca 2016 Film Festival, in the same year she played the role of Christina. She also played the role of Quail in the animated animated film Llech.

Awkwafina  is also the winner of the prestigious Golden Globe Award, which became the best actress of East Asian ethnicity.

In the third series of Girls’ Code 2014, Awkwafina  appeared in six episodes of season three and four. She also co-authored the spin-off Girl Code on MTV.

Awkwafina  Golden Globe Award

The top female actress on YouTube is the first Asian audience to receive a Golden Globe Award for Movies. She is the sixth Asian woman to be called a best actress in drama, music or comedy.

Star Farwell Awkwafina joined the group of Asian actors who won the Golden Globe after their debut. She dedicated this award to her father.

Awkwafina  Net Worth

In early 2020, actor and rapper Awkwafina  cost $ 5 million.She received money from various platforms including the media, YouTube as well as Instagram. The trip she started at age 13 made him successful and guaranteed her net worth.

Awkwafina  is 31 years old and is currently in her career. Therefore, you can be confident that net assets will increase in the next few years.

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