Did any of TWICE members have ever done breast implants or lip fillers?

Before I start I’m gonna clarify the fact that I am a female, and I’m not intending for this to be creepy or weird. 


Lip fillers- Nope.
In addition to weight loss and natural maturity, her face looks the same as it is today.
Breast implant-Jihio definitely has a larger breast than other idols. I do not think she has an implant. When she joined the third year, more than half of her life was in JYP. As far as I know, JYP does not allow plastic surgery. And I suspect that she received an implant of less than 3 grades.
Other than that, I don’t see the point. Until recently, they had a general concept of compassion, and big breasts will be more suitable for sexual concepts. Just my opinion.

Lip fillers- Nope.
Predebut photo for comparison.
Breast implants- She seems to be in the b-c range. A pretty average cup size. Im sure she hasn’t had any surgery done.

Lip fillers-
She has a pretty average lip size. So again, nope.
•Breast implants- JeongYeon has an average chest. She might be in the a-b range. So nope.

Lip fillers-Nope.
When it comes to her lips she looks pretty similar compared to now.
Breast implants- Nope. She might be in the c range. Not too uncommon for East Asians, but still on the bigger side. And again, bigger boobs fit a sexy concept. Which isn’t TWICE’s target concept.

Lip fillers- She has an average lip size. So nope.
(This is the best picture I could find)
Breast implants- She looks to be an a-b. Pretty common size. I’d say nope.
It’s pictures like this that confuse me. It could definitely be the angle or lighting. This doesn’t change my view about the surgery, though. It’s also a possibility that she wears push up bras or padding.

Lips- Looks the same as predebut. So no.
Breast implants- Nope. She has average sized boobs.

Lip fillers- Id say no.
Breast implants- No. She looks to have the average bust size, maybe even smaller.


Lip fillers- Yet again, no.
Not the best picture to use for comparison, though. Its the best one I could find.
Breast implants- She might be an A cup. Judging off of that, I’d say no.

Lip fillers- Nope. She has rather small lips.
Breast implants- Nope. She has average boobs.
Overall, I think they’ve never had surgery. The lips are not incredibly large, so they look natural. They also have an average cup size. So there is no reason to do breast implants.
JYP does not allow this. And they still don’t think they will get implants and fillers when they are underage. Perhaps all the changes are due to maturity over time.
Who cares if they did it? It does not define them. After all, it is not just the suggestion of lips and breasts.