Expressions of Thanks Kim Wooseok and Kim Yohan After Dissolution X1

Expressions of Thanks Kim Wooseok and Kim Yohan After Dissolution X1

Disbandment of X1 makes fans broken hearted. Not letting the fans continue to worry, the members began to appear and release a statement.

After Lee Hangyul and Nam Dohyun, Kim Wooseok and Kim Yohan released separate statements. Kim Wooseok expressed his gratitude for the support that has been given by fans so far.

“Through X1, I can learn a lot of new things and feel precious moments and get lots of love from many people. When all things like dreams start to become reality, you are all beside me. Thank you,” said Wooseok.

He also thanked the members for the memories they shared. And at the end of his letter, Wooseok expressed his apology to fans.

“I’ve talked about this before. Even though you are no longer ONE IT, I will always remember you all. I have gotten so much love. I learned a lot of things. I think I can repay it for all of you, I’m sorry because I can’t , “he concluded.

While Kim Yohan wrote his gratitude to fans through a letter uploaded on Instagram.

“I feel a lot of love, thanks to you guys who have responded positively to us, as well as ONE IT. Although we can’t be together as X1, the members promised to support each other until the end,” Yohan said.

“Even though we are no longer together, we will return your love in your own way. I believe ONE IT will also always support me and the members to the end. I will work hard so that I can greet you who have been waiting a long time. Thank you. I love you guys, “he concluded.