Jungle Pam Hardy Wiki Biography, Age, Husband, Alive, Parents, Interview, Net Worth, Facebook

Jungle Pam Hardy Wiki Biography, Age, Husband, Alive, Parents, Interview, Net Worth, Facebook

Pamela Hardy’s Jungle Pam Hardy is an American famous for drag partner Jim Lieberman. Lets check Jungle Pam Hardy Wiki Biography, Age, Husband, Alive, Parents, Interview, Net Worth, Facebook details given in this post.

Jungle Pam Hardy Wiki 

Full Name Pamela L. Hardy
Birthday / Date of Birth 13th March 1954
Age 65
Birth Sign Pisces
Country U.S
Hometown West Chester, Pennsylvania
Current Residence West Chester, Pennsylvania
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Former Drag Racing Partner
School / College / University
Marital Status Married now, divorced earlier
Husband Bill Hodgson
Ex-Husband Fred Frey
Ex-Boyfriend / Partner Jim Liberman
Social Media Facebook
Net Worth $2 million (estimated)

Jungle Pam Hardy Biography

Jungle Pam Hardy (aka Pamela Hardy) was born in 1957 in Westchester, PA, USA. She is widely known as the sponsor of the well-known drag racing star, Jungle’Jim Lieberman, a fun jumper in the United States with the nickname “Jungle Jim”. She was ranked 17th on NHRA’s Top 50 Driver List.

Jungle performed hundreds of drugs and publicly in a jungle gym. She has argued for the world’s greatest sports photography and has been a historical cultural activity for nearly 50 years.

Jim Lieberman met Pamela Hardy and her at the age of 18, two weeks ago in May 1972. She first discovered her while driving a yellow Corvette in a town in Chester Suburbs, PA. During this time, she was a high school graduate and decided to go to the mall nearest to her home.

I went shopping around the university along the corner and realized that I had no work in the last few days. As he was trying to bend the street corner, Jungle got out of the gym car at a record stop.

Later, she immediately stopped the car and did not surprise the girl, instead went out as soon as possible and invited her to meet friends. She showed no fear of accepting the invitation and participating in a journey that would change your life forever.

In an interview, she said, “I left college who accepted me and fired my mother.” He enrolled in West Chester. Lieberman, who wanted to attract fans’ attention to the truck, first hired Hardy to bring an interesting car to the line. She uses her always bold shoes, tight adjustments and denim shorts to wear “0” bugs.

In February 1973, Jungle Pam Hardy and Jim Lieberman appeared on the cover of Hot Rod Magazine, and Hardy also appeared in several automotive magazines, usually wearing archeology shoes, shorts and shorts.

She remained with Jim Lieberman until his death, and later with Funny Car owner Fred Frew. However, after marrying for many years, they broke up and divorced.

After their divorce, Bill Hodgson installed George Rednoors’ ridiculous Excalibur Corvette Nostagia car. In 1977, at the age of 31, his precious corvette was caught on a bus (unrelated to racing). After this tragic disaster, Jungle Palm returned to Palm Hardy and did traditional 9-5 work.