Livon & 9XO Hunt are Hunting For India’s First K-Pop Girl Group

Livon & 9XO Hunt are Hunting For India’s First K-Pop Girl Group

Livon claims to find the first K-Pop group in India to collaborate with 9XO.

The company has just finished the audition:

In Guwahati on November 6 and in Shillong on November 7
The jury is made up of popular artists from northeast India: Alobo Naga, Alun Tetseo and Kuvel Tetseo.

The girls from K-Pop Dreamcatcher also sent a special message to their fans in India!

The Syrian message from SNS Post Livon created trust in the Desi K-Pop community, which was shocking, shocking and confusing.

We have contacted a Livon representative to remove questions.

Read our exclusive interview below:

KHigh: What was the idea for the K-Pop group of Indian girls?

Livon: Livon always believes that he is the constant companion of his dynamic, outstanding and elegant consumers and shares all his new and exciting experiences. The K-Pop genre has created one of the biggest waves in the entertainment world and has gained great popularity thanks to the Z Generation in India. More than 10% of our customers are obsessed with K-Pop and we want to bring this excitement to everyone in India and encourage all Kpop fans to showcase their talents. So we decided to find the first Indian K-Pop group through the best Indian K-Pop stars that can record K-Pop videos and debut in the 9XO version.

KHigh: Was it played on television when working with the 9XO music channel?

Livon: Livon’s K-Pop star search will be announced on international music channels 9XO and 9XM, through live advertising and digital channels. The search for talent will also be carried out on social and digital media platforms. The latest videos will be released in 9XO.

KHigh: The news was making a lot of noise, but many questions came up with enthusiasm. Can you tell us more about the program format?

Livon: The competition for all Kpop fans in India will be shown in Guwahati on November 6 and in Shillong on November 7. A small group of 5 Indian girls will be able to record. His clip in K-Pop and debuted in 9XO. K-Pop is not only music, but also something that looks great and elegant. These girls will be attended by popular music stars like Alobo Naga, Kuvel Tetseo and Alune Tetseo to improve their singing and acting skills, as well as the Livon band to get what looks great in K-Pop.

KHigh: Will this program find potential listeners / artists to join the group in Korea or will the group be completely Indian? Is there a cooperation with a Korean company?

Livon: With this function, we give enthusiasts the opportunity to express their love for K-Pop and focus on style and performance, while working to create the K-girl album. First pop in India. Currently, we do not cooperate with Korean companies / organizations. However, we believe that the last film, which will be released early next year in 9XO and 9XM, will attract all Kpop fans and open up many opportunities for the winners.

KHigh: What qualities are you looking for in Indian pop stars?

Livon: Although the program is mainly dedicated to singing, we also want to see the participants on stage. K-pop is not just a musical genre, but a lifestyle that combines music, dance and events appropriate to the style. The best stars of K-Pop Livon India are a complete package: music, dance, style and fairy tales on stage.

The best In-Kpop stars in Livon are truly “matchless” and truly unique. The competition aims to train the first K-Pop band in India to break it, the girl group will consist of Indian girls singing in Korean. Organizers believe that K-Pop is no longer associated with a nation or ethnic group, and the highlights of K-Pop are people with excellent talent and personality.

My best wishes to the team and we are eager to see how the competition will work and other articles to be published. We also consider it a great step to connect the two cultures and promote each other.