Which BTS member is the most popular in Korea?

Which BTS member is the most popular in Korea?

The popularity of BTS has increased over the years. But the attention is not always the same, even if fans love everyone. That is why there is “bias.”

I think, nationally, it’s Jungkook. Internationally, it’s V (Taehyung).

Internationally, it’s V / Kim Taehyung. I really don’t know why the Maknae line seems to be popular. Lets check Which BTS member is the most popular in Korea the answer given in this post.

These are the things I reviewed that affect my opinion:

  • For fancams, like most fancams, he won more than a million views and that says a lot. Jungkook fans have not yet reached a million, but some opinions of these fans are huge and reach more than a million. Jimin fans have reached millions. But opinions are not reliable to determine who is really famous, but they say something.
  • Another thing is that I really don’t trust the brand index, which is evaluated monthly in Korea. Because, obviously, nicknames are obviously disadvantages. The brand index only counts the relevance of your nickname, not your real name. This means that Suga, V, RM and Jhope are at a disadvantage. Because fans always call him Yoongi, Taehyung, Namjoon and Hoseok, and sometimes Seokjin. Like Jungkook and Jimin, and sometimes Seokjin, the real name I use.
  • When it comes to likes on your Twitter account, V is the first to get a million likes. Jungkook has a million more. But, when they are really known throughout the world, the number of followers also increases considerably. And recently, Tweet V won 1 million likes in one day and is the fastest way. And his tweet is the only one that has received 1.2 million likes. Jimin really works on Twitter and almost all of his tweets have recently won a million likes. Like all members (yes!)
  • When it comes to who is fashion or what, in fact, all are fashion. So we can’t really say But, really, V always changes not only in Naver, but also in Weibo (China), Daum, Pann and recently he’s the most wanted member. since the launch of the new Fake Love. Jimin’s tendency is still as good as Jungkook’s when it comes to breathing. Severjin’s Naver article recently appeared on the homepage, which is very difficult. Jhope and his mixtape releases have been very successful, breaking all records and perhaps the most successful solo release. Suga has always been loved and changed by celebrities. Currently RM is attracting many people with its charisma to BBmas.
  • One last thing to consider: V products are sold first. For example, your BT21 character, your photo tags, etc.
  • When it comes to surveys, Jimin leads the way in Gallup polls. Jungkook also dominated the polls, as did V / Taehyung.
  • For fans, Jungkooka (snowpeach) is the most followed fanpage, reaching over a million. For the number of fan pages, V has the largest number of fan pages.

But Overall is V (Taehyung). Not only for the handsome man of Hwarang and TC Candler (because V is famous for this movie and this title). V’s popularity has also increased over the years, so we can’t say things like “in the past” or “during the early days,” since his popularity has also increased. Like Jungkook, like other members, and more importantly, BTS is a group.

But the popularity of a member doesn’t really matter, because the popularity of the group dominates the world. BTS is popular.