Who is the healthiest looking K-pop idol?

Who is the healthiest looking K-pop idol?
One of the hardest problems in the country is the thousands of hard working teenagers and adults. Clicks will not be collected and select the type I like (Hassa, Alley, Park Jimin, Bom). This is unpredictable and select a lot of muscle (BM, Kim Jong-kook).
What I want to do is select the package that covers the whole package: good skin, fleshy blend of animal / meat / muscle. Great hair, fitness and a simple charisma that compels people to do double things.

Cheng Xiao.
She works out hard.
She’s crazy flexible.

Trained in dance for a decade.
As a gymnast she can flip all over the place.
Snatched gold/silver EASILY at the Idol Games.

Is revered for her good skin.
Can be an elegant rose onstage…
Or a rabid dog!
She’s a doll sometimes.
Other times, a video game character.
Eats well. She’ll often check her mouth to see if loose food is hanging there.
Seriously…this girl misses NO meals.

She’s mentally healthy too. She’ll teach you math. Like this.
Cheng Xiao proving you can do this idol thing without starving. (Genetics helps too.)
Now…gotta delete all these pics from my phone before my niece or somebody goes through my stuff and thinks I’m a freaky perv. I hope you would get an answer on Who is the healthiest looking K-pop idol.