Will BTS ever come to India?

# ANA Jane Opinion

Let BTS never come to India – India is not ready for them.

Okay – before you push back. Yes, I am an army for bones.

Let’s talk business first. K-POP is still an appropriate and expanding segment in India. The main kpop or k-drama community focuses on niche markets in northern India and urban cities. Most people focus on TV more than music. However, we can donate a population large enough. In other words, it has potential as a market, but it is not suitable for major music consumer markets like the US, Europe and Japan. 

The market is more focused on LEG FOOTBALL MUSIC. In India, as a whole, I like to stream music from apps and YouTube for free. We love music but don’t consume it (when we finally bought an artist’s CD !!). Merch is a big part of K pop’s sales strategy, but India is not a big market for Merch’s consumption. Simple BTS key chains in the US cost between $ 7 and $ 10 and will not buy if sold at the same price. 

It will be too expensive. Brand dilution, so it does not lower prices. So in all India, the potential is high, but the market is low. At least it doesn’t work for BTS, who have performed on a global stage. From a purely business standpoint, the only reason BTS can come to India is to bolster its fan base.

Second, let’s talk about society – except for fastidious BTS fans, the Indian population in general is not prepared for BTS. AIB only posted a short piece of DNA on IG, and the number of malicious and hateful men towards the boys was shocking. Those are just an example of what they will face. I read their comments on “chakke”, gay comments and even rape. . 

It will only be a very bad sign of behavior and attitudes and will not be reflected well in ARMY India. When Ed Sheeran arrived, Bollywood people really enticed the poor. For BTS, it will be the same story as everyone expected BTS to come to a highly regarded Bollywood party. I didn’t go to the premise that some people may have VIP VIP privileges, a scalable scam and I met them because of my connection.

I personally really hope they won’t come. It certainly will not be a memorable positive experience for them.