Caressa Suzzette Madden’ Married Life with Delonte West!

Caressa Suzzette Madden' Married Life with Delonte West!

Some people are famous for their work, and some are famous for their relationships with celebrities. Carusa Suzette Madden is one of them, the second wife of former NBA star Deloitte West.

Caresa is currently on the hot list because of her husband’s tragic incident. This page provides detailed information about Carissa Madden’s current status and her net worth.

Carissa Sud Madden and Deloitte West

Caresa Madden was born on May 13, 1988. She currently lives in Dallas, Texas. She is the second wife of NBA player Delanet West.

Before we talk about Caresa, please tell us about your husband, who was a famous athlete in the past. So let’s start with information about her husband, Dronte West.

Former NBA star had a great time at the basketball court. His game was unique and people loved to see his gameplay, but when rumors began to spread in the media that he was sleeping with one of his teammates, LeBron James. , All started to collapse. Given the.

Lebron James, a well-known figure in the basketball field, was a great teammate, but their relationship ended after rumors.

West suffered from bipolar disorder, which exacerbated the situation. Moreover, her first marriage to Kimberly Ashley Awad was a tragic failure for her.

Deloitte West reaction after a crazy accident on the highway.
Recently, Delonette was harassed by someone. The video became word-of-mouth on social media. West was hit in the video.

Love story of Dronte and Caresa

Lovebird met at a friend’s house, according to the Washington Post. Then they began to stare at each other and in time they became inseparable.

Carusa Madden is Dolonet West, the second wife of a former NBA star. Carissa Madden and Delonette West met through friends of each other. Dronet’s career was already on the verge of collapse, but has since worsened.

West and Madden together fought poverty, but things started to happen when West joined the NBA Development League’s Texas Legend.

Delonate and Madonna’s Child

As many of Delon’s followers know, our former players West and Carusa have a lovely child with two sons.

Caresa and Delonette have two sons.

Caressa Madden and her husband, Deronte West, have a son, Dr. Cash. Photo at Pepper Arena. Source: Argentina
Her first son’s name is Cash, which can be seen in many photos in his parents and the media. The name of his youngest son is still unknown, but Kalesha gave birth to him in 2014.