Itziar Ituño Husband Update 2020: Who is the Money Heist Actress Married to?

Raquel Murillo (also known as Money Heist) from the Spanish television series “La Casa Da Papel” is one of the most famous characters. At the same time, the upright actress in Raquel’s iconic character is not Izial Ituno.

Itziar is a 45 year old Spanish actress who became famous after becoming famous in the series “Money Heist”. It is loved all over the world.

All the characters in the show are equally loved by the audience, and Raquel is no exception. She likes fans digging into her personal life information to gain insights.

Read more about Itziar Ituno here. Now that you seem like that, let’s start learning about Itziar Ituno’s personal life.

Itziar Ituño Husband: Who does Itziar Ituño marry?

In all they want to know about the celebrities they like, their married / love life seems more interesting.

Now, we have no assumptions here. The data itself. Therefore, for most fans, Iziar Ituño’s marriage is an interesting question.

But unlike other actors, Izzy Ar seems to be a very personal person. In other words, she wants to pay attention to personal issues so things don’t get noticed.

Itziar Ituño’s romantic life is one of them. On any platform you won’t see Itziar talking about your husband or marriage. But this was also because she was unmarried and unmarried.

Itziar Ituño husband does not exist

If you happen to see Google’s article that Itziar Ituno is married, you will believe in fake news. Some media portals indicate that Itzial Ituno is married to husband Juan Juan Fernandez. But that is not true.

Itziar is currently not married and does not seem to have a husband. She walked down the aisle with her future husband without changing her commitment.

Is this whether Itziar Ituño is single or at least dating someone?

Itziar Ituño Boyfriend / Dating

Ituno plays the role of director Raquel Murillo in the popular series “La casa de Papel” and is also famous for his on-screen romance with Professor Al Professor Alvaro Morte.

Boyfriend on Itziar Ituno screen

The role of Raquel and the professor as husband and wife hope that fans can make this romantic novel jump on screen.

Unfortunately for the fans, Izzy Al has found love. So in real life, you won’t see Itziar and Alvaro dating.

Itziar himself admits that he discovered love some time before traveling to the Amazon of Peru. Ituño is also a singer and admits to having a long relationship with her boyfriend, an Iquita actor from the Tuquita Guaraní community.

The identity of the person who stole the “Thank you Raquel Murillo” heart is still unknown, but Izzy Ar is known to live with the Peruvian Basque. In addition, she said that she and her boyfriend / partner have a lot in common, such as acting and musical interests.