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Tony Spll is the pastor of the Tabernacle Church in Baton Rouge. On March 17, 2020, he ignored the orders of Louisiana Governor John Bell Edwards.

Tony is a pastor of the Tabernacle Church in Baton Rouge. The church is Bishop B.A. It is managed by Dorothy orders and orders.

Pastor Tony Spell against Corona Virus Association gathering

On March 16, 2020, Louisiana Governor John Bell Edwards banned the gathering of more than 50 people to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Louisiana. On March 17, Pastor Tony disobeyed order as well as worship at East Baton Rouge Parish Church on Tuesday. He emphasized that the congregation did not think they were at risk of COVID-19 infection.

He stated that the virus is politically motivated, and the meeting will be held by all means. He added that 305 people attended and 1,170 people attended Sunday worship services.

“Don’t worry. We believe the virus is politically motivated. We believe in religious rights. We will rally regardless of what others say. On Sunday, 1,170 attendees. On Sunday, 27 buses in 5 counties. There’s a place to go pick people up. “

He said police would complete their service on Tuesday night and police officers would be forced to abolish all services in excess of the 50 standard. On Wednesday, Colonel Ed Bush of the Guards Corps The nation of Louisiana says that is wrong.

“The National Guard has not implemented a curfew, social sharing or duty to meet the requirements set by the Governor. We are currently fully focused on helping state agencies prepare.” and prepare for treatment. “

According to WAFB 9 Speyer, he is encouraging other religious leaders not to disturb worship for fear of prosecution. He claimed that the church was like a hospital and could treat patients.

“We want to encourage other religious leaders in our church, like us, not to be afraid of being persecuted by the laws of government officials or dictators to prevent you from worshiping God.” Our first change should not be to use any form of regulation Our church is a hospital and patients can come here to recover the cancer being treated here and everyone being treated. HIV through these services We believe that tonight we will show people to be afraid of the sick Offer an anointed towel, and I believe healing virtues will continue if the scarf is anointed the oil disappears. “

Pastor Tony Spur was arrested for preaching

Pastor Tony Spire violated the governor’s administrative order to prohibit large-scale meetings by issuing subpoenas for six misdemeanors in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on March 31, 2020.

Central Police Commissioner Roger Corcoran issued a statement that the minister’s actions were rash and irresponsible.

Earlier today, Central Police Commissioner Roger Corcoran announced the Reverend Mrs. Anthony Spell of the Holy Communion Church in the center. : 724E).

For the past two weeks, I have been working with the sheriff, the state police, the state fire department, pastor Tony Perkins and others to address issues beyond legal action. It has been made clear that Speyer will continue to violate the law.

Instead of showing the strength and resilience of the community in this difficult time, Speer timidly chose us for self-improvement.

President Speyer will be taken to court every day and will be responsible for the destructive and irresponsible decisions that threaten the health of his congregation and our community.

This is not a question of religious or political freedom. We are facing a public health crisis and we hope our community leaders set positive examples and follow the law. “

According to Pastor Tony of CNN, the police went to him and read his rights, but did not arrest him. He was asked to stop providing services and said he would not do so. Later, two police officers summoned him from the church, but he still despised Facebook Live videos.

“We will continue to own the church. This is excessive government intervention. They are asking the government to stop practicing our religious freedom. And we can collect and collect those what we are doing and continue to do God’s work. ” Approved.”