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AceShowbiz – Not many celebrities have the confidence to say that to improve their appearances, they are going under the knife. Deelishis is an exception, however, since she did just that after giving her devotees a difficult time recalling her in a new photo shared on Instagram.

“This all started after her partner, Raymond Santana, named her as his Woman Crush Regular on his Instagram account, posting the “Flavor of Passion” actress’ mirror selfie. When she gets to see the vision… She’s going to make life more complicated for you… Compared to your colleagues and partners… That’s why my #WCE shines, “When she sees the vision… she will go harder for you…then your friends and associates… thats why shes my #WCE,”

But it seems that Deelishis may not be recognized by certain viewers because she appeared so distinctive from her appearance on the VH1 program. “What that’s Deelishis? | Why does she look like a completely different person from what she did on#FlavorofLove.”What is Deelishis? | Why does she look like a completely different person from what she did on # FlavorofLove.”I GOT MY FACE DONE.”I GOT MY FACE DONE.

After reading her comment, some users praised Deelishis for being sincere about their beauty care since it was such a rare event to see in the industry. “At least she’s honest!!! Because something definitely changed,” one said. “Dang she finally admitted it good investment by the way because she looks amazing,” another said, adding, “Lol… at least she keeping it G. She’s always been pretty though.”

Meanwhile, the crowds were yelling her out as well because they thought like her skin was bleaching. “As another said, “And bleached df outta skin,” one individual smiled, and dipped ya skin in mayonnaise. There was also one who noted, “Don’t forget about ya RACE too.”
Deelishis has been charged with cosmetic surgery for some time. However, she had previously dismissed the rumors, and insisted that her distinct look was responsible for the cosmetics.