Hamid Karzai Net Worth, Income, Salary, Earnings, Biography, How much money make?

Hamid Karzai Net Worth, Income, Salary, Earnings, Biography, How much money make?

Hamid Karzai was born on December 24, 1957, in Karz, Kandahar, Afghanistan, and is an Afghan politician who is best known for serving as President of Afghanistan from 2004 to 2014. He was the first Afghan president to hold the position. Prior to his formal election, he also served as Interim President of the United States. All of his efforts have contributed to the increase in his net worth that he now enjoys.
What is Hamid Karzai’s net worth? As of mid-2017, reports estimate that he has a net worth of $20 million, the majority of which he accrued via his political career. In the 1980s, he worked as a fundraiser for the mujahideen, who were fighting the Soviet Union at the time. He was also the tribal chief of the Popalzai people. All of these accomplishments contributed to his ability to maintain his position of riches.

Hamid Karzai Net Worth : $ 20 Million

Lets check out updated 2021 Hamid Karzai Net Worth Income Salary report which is given below :

Hamid Karzai’s Salary / Income:

Per Year: $ 4,00,000

Per Month: $ 32,000

Per Week: $ 8,000

Per Day: Per Hour: Per Minute: Per Second:
$ 1140 $ 19 $ 0.3 $ 0.05

Hamid Karzai Wiki

Full Name Hamid Karzai
Net Worth $20 Million
Date Of Birth December 24, 1957
Place Of Birth Kandahar, Afghanistan
Profession Former President of Afghanistan
Education Himachal Pradesh University, Habibia High School
Nationality Afghan
Spouse Zeenat Quraishi
Children Mirwais, Malalai, Howsi
Parents Abdul Ahad Karzai
Siblings Ahmed Wali Karzai, Qayum Karzai, Mahmud Karzai, Fauzia Karzai
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/karzai.h
Twitter https://twitter.com/karzaih
IMDB http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1527898/
Awards Indira Gandhi Prize

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