Erik Stolhanske Net Worth, Income, Salary, Earnings, Biography, How much money make?

Erik Stolhanske Net Worth, Income, Salary, Earnings, Biography, How much money make

Erik Stolhanske (born August 23, 1968) is an American actor, writer, and producer who has worked in a variety of roles. He received his diploma from Breck School before going on to Colgate University. At Colgate University, he is a member of the fraternity Beta Theta Pi. He was born without a fibula and has relied on a prosthetic leg for the most of his life. Since then, he has upgraded to a metal prosthetic leg. Ever since Super Troopers launched his film career, he has spoken at a variety of events about his upbringing without a leg and his determination to overcome that obstacle. In elementary school, he served as captain of his baseball team. The P90X training series, which he was a part of at the time, was also a hit.

Erik Stolhanske Net Worth : $ 2 Million

Lets check out updated 2021 Erik Stolhanske Net Worth Income Salary report which is given below :

Erik Stolhanske’s Salary / Income:

Per Year: $ 4,00,000

Per Month: $ 32,000

Per Week: $ 8,000

Per Day: Per Hour: Per Minute: Per Second:
$ 1140 $ 19 $ 0.3 $ 0.05

Erik Stolhanske Wiki

Full Name Erik Stolhanske
Net Worth $2 Million
Date Of Birth August 23, 1968
Place Of Birth Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Occupation Actor, director, producer, writer, comedian
Profession Screenwriter, Comedian, Film producer, Film director, Actor
Education Colgate University, Breck School
Nationality American
Spouse Barbara Slade, Lainie Sorkin
Nicknames Erik Stolhanske, Stolhanske, Erik
Movies Puddle Cruiser, Super Troopers, Club Dread, Beerfest, The Onion Movie, The Slammin’ Salmon, Broken Lizard Stands Up, Freeloaders, Super Troopers 2
Star Sign Virgo

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