Samantha Scharff Net Worth, Income, Salary, Earnings, Biography, How much money make?

Samantha Scharff Net Worth, Income, Salary, Earnings, Biography, How much money make?

Samantha Scharff Net Worth, Income, Salary, Earnings, Biography, How much money make?

Template: a number of problems Samantha Scharff is a television producer and comedy writer from the United States. She is most known for her work on NBC's "Saturday Night Live," where she was responsible for the production of Robert Smigel's "TV Funhouse" cartoons. Also for Universal Home Video, Samantha created "The Best Of Saturday TV Funhouse," an hour-and-a-half special that aired during the SNL time slot and gained critical praise, as well as a DVD title for the company. Samantha was in charge of bringing Stephen Colbert's character Tek Jansen to life on Comedy Central's "The Colbert Report," as well as producing the animated segments that aired on the show. She was the executive producer of Robert Smigel's "TV Funhouse" series, which aired on Comedy Central as well. For Barry Diller's IAC in partnership with Live Earth 2007, Samantha served as executive producer and writer for "Stage Z," a 24-hour online event that included environmental segments with comedians such as Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and others. Samantha also had a hand in the creation of the animated public service announcements for Norman Lear's Declare Yourself. This series of films was conceived and produced by her for the "Get Out The Vote" campaign. They are available for purchase on the internet under the titles "Skool House Rock The Vote" and "Skool House Rock Sticker." The animated pilot "The Monkey Factory," starring Kristen Wiig, Paul Scheer, Casey Wilson, and Jason Nash, is now in production at 20th Century FOX Studios. Samantha is the executive producer, creator, and writer for the project. Samantha's other work for FOX includes the series "Animals," which she produced for Robert Smigel and Happy Madison Productions, as well as the pilot "Maggie," which she is now developing with Kristen Bell and acting in it.

Samantha Scharff Net Worth : $ 950,000

Lets check out updated 2021 Samantha Scharff Net Worth Income Salary report which is given below :

Samantha Scharff's Salary / Income:

Per Year: $ 4,00,000

Per Month: $ 32,000

Per Week: $ 8,000

Per Day:Per Hour:Per Minute:Per Second:
$ 1140$ 19$ 0.3$ 0.05

Samantha Scharff Wiki

Net Worth$14 Million
ProfessionProducer, Miscellaneous Crew, Production Manager
NicknamesSamantha Scharff, Scharff, Samantha

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