How did Lola Calvo husband died?


During that decade, Fania’s albums were re-released on their Tico labels, and several of her singles hit platinum in Spain and across Latin America. When she died in 1992 in the Bronx, she was 53 years old. She was survived by her husband William Garcia, their daughter Rainbow, and her son Rene Camaro, all of whom were there at her death.


In this context, who did Lola Calvo end up with?

Lupe began a new career in New York City, where she played in a cabaret called La Berraca and amassed more than ten CDs in less than five years. She remarried, this time to salsa musician Willie Garca, with whom she had a son, and this was her second marriage.


What happened to Lola, Celia Cruz’s closest friend and confidante?

When she died of breast cancer in 1995, she was 72 years old, and she was interred at Madrid’s Cementerio de la Almudena cemetery. Just a few days after she passed away, her bereaved son, Antonio Flores, 33, committed himself by overdosing on barbiturates and was buried next to her. Lola, la pelicula, a biopic about the actress, was released in 2007.


Another debate is whether or not Lola Calvo and La Lupe are the same person.

In 2015, a similar and fictitious version of La Lupe (renamed Lola Calvo for the series) was prominently featured in an 80-episode Spanish-language television series about Celia Cruz called Celia (telenovela), which aired on the Telemundo network and was based on the life of the actress.


When did La Lupe pass away?

The date was February 29, 1992.


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How did La Lupe’s offspring fare in the world?

She struggled to provide for her two children while also dealing with depression and drug addiction. She was wounded in a fall, and a fire in her apartment forced her to leave the house, leaving her without a place to live. She died in 1992, almost as penniless as she had been when she was first born.


What is the identity of Cuban singer Lola Calvo?

La Lupe, also known as La Yiyiyi, was a Cuban-American singer who performed in a variety of musical genres, including boleros, guarachas, and latin soul, among others. She was born Lupe Victoria Yol Raymond on December 23, 1936, in Santiago de Cuba, and died on February 29, 1992, in the Bronx, New York.


Who is the inspiration for the character Lola Calvo?

La Lupe is an adverb that means “the wolf.”


Who was the lead singer in Celia?

Celia is a woman who lives in the United Kingdom (2015 TV series) Celia Celia Cruz’s “La Negra Tiene Tumbao” serves as the opening theme. Colombia and the United States are the countries of origin. Language in its original form (s) Seasons 1 through 5 in Spanish


What was the cause of Celia Cruz’s death?



In Cuba, who was Celia Cruz’s closest friend and confidante?

Celia Cruz’s longtime friend reveals the reason why the Salsa Legend never returned to her own country of Cuba. At the time of the photograph, Manu Manzo was just shy of two years old and posing with one of her abuela’s dearest friends.


What is the location of La Lupe’s grave?

St Raymond New Cemetery is located in New York, United States of America.


What is the origin of La Lupe?

Cuba’s capital city is Santiago de Cuba.


What was the reason behind La Lupe’s exile?

During the 1970s, La Lupe’s professional life began to wane a little. First, she was barred from appearing on television in Puerto Rico when she tore her clothes off at a national awards ceremony broadcast on the island’s official television network.


How many episodes of Celia are now available on Netflix?

There are 80 episodes in all.


That is the actress who portrays Celia Cruz in Celia?

Jeimy Osorio is a professional baseball player.


What was the cause of Pedro Knight’s death?



Is the Netflix series Celia based on a real storey?

‘Celia,’ a Spanish-language telenovela produced by Fox Telecolombia and based on the life of Cuban singer Celia Cruz, is now available to view on Netflix with English subtitles in all 80 episodes (each lasting 45 minutes). “Celia” star Jeimy Osorio in her role as the young Celia Cruz in the movie “Celia.”


When exactly did Lola Flores pass away?

The 16th of May, 1995