How did Lord of the Flies end?


A description of the climax and conclusion of William Golding’s work, ‘Lord of the Flies,” is provided in this lesson. Simon’s murder serves as the climax, while Piggy’s death and Jack’s tribe’s pursuit of Ralph serve as the fall actions. The tale concludes with the lads stumbling into a navy commander on the shore, where they realise that they have been saved from their predicament.


In the same vein, what is ironic about the finale of Lord of the Flies’s last scene?

The depiction of the naval officer by Golding at the beginning of the book contributes significantly to the irony towards the conclusion of the novel. However, despite the fact that the naval officer rescues Ralph, the conclusion of Lord of the Flies is not very pleasant, and the scene in which the officer first meets the boys is not one of pure delight.

Furthermore, in Lord of the Flies, who is saviour in the storey?

 After being captured by Jack’s tribe, the boys are freed in the last chapter of William Golding’s Lord of the Flies, just as Jack’s group is ready to capture Ralph. They were discovered by a naval officer who saw smoke rising from the island, which he determined was produced by Jack burning down the trees in order to smoke out Ralph.

Know who dies at the conclusion of Lord of the Flies as well


In Lord of the Flies, do they be saved from their ordeal?

Yes. Despite the fact that Ralph had stressed throughout the book on the significance of a fire to alert passing ships, it is Jack’s gigantic flame, started in order to murder Ralph, that draws the attention of passing ships.

What is it about the guys being saved that is so ironic?

The fact that children may transform into animals demonstrates that evil exists inside all of us. Irony ensues as a symbol of the same society in which the boys are trapped arrives to save the boys’ lives. As soon as the Naval officer enters the room, the guys quickly revert to their childhood state and begin to sob.


What is Jack’s motivation for killing Ralph?

When Ralph is in chapter 12 of the book Lord of the Flies, Jack Merridew decides to murder him because he has experienced the same slow and steady disintegration of civilization that has impacted the other boys. This similar lack of emotion is elicited by Piggy’s death in the next chapter.


What causes Ralph to weep at the conclusion of the storey?

Ralph weeps towards the conclusion of William Golding’s book Lord of the Flies. He weeps at the loss of innocence that the lads on the island have experienced. Ralph sobs as he understands that he was on the verge of death at the hands of his friends Jack and Roger. In addition, Ralph is glad to meet the naval commander once again..


What motivated Samneric to join Jack’s?

Jack coerces Samneric into becoming a member of his tribe in order to establish his superiority over Ralph. With Piggy no longer alive, Samneric was the only tribe member who remained faithful to Ralph. Samneric is persuaded to join the clan by Jack and Roger, who threaten him with violence if he does not.


Who was responsible for Piggy’s death?



After discovering the pig’s skull, what does Ralph decide to do with it?

The fact that Ralph was able to knock the skull to the ground and smash it into pieces represents a minor win against the beast. Even more importantly, he grabs the stake on which the head lay so that he may sharpen both ends of his own staff, which he uses to strike the head.

The fact that Roger sharpened a stick on both ends raises some questions.

In order to put Ralph’s severed head on the other sharpened end of the stick, Samneric informs him that Roger sharpened a stick on both ends. Roger intends to bury one of the sharpened ends in the ground and place the other sharpened end with Ralph’s severed head.


Isn’t it ironic that the lads ended up killing Simon?

As described in the book Lord of the Flies, Simon’s death is ironic due to the fact that he was trying to inform the other boys that the beast did not exist when they mistakenly believed he was the beast. Due to the fact that the audience is aware of Simon’s knowledge, but the characters are unaware of it, this is a classic example of dramatic irony.


What was Roger’s motivation for killing Piggy?

Roger takes Piggy’s life because he can, and he has come to know that no one on the island can or would put a stop to his ruthlessness.


What do you think Simon’s death represents?

In the book, Simon’s death marks the beginning of the tale’s conclusion. It heralds the end of civilisation as well as the end of virtue. It’s as though the concept of “good” is being annihilated. He truly dies while he is attempting to describe the “beast” to the other youngsters in the group.


In Lord of the Flies, who was it that Jack killed?

Ralph dives and dodges the falling rock when he hears it coming. Piggy, on the other hand, gets struck by a boulder, which shatters the conch shell he is carrying and knocks him over the slope, where he falls to his death on the rocks below. Ralph gets struck by Jack’s spear, and the other lads swiftly join in the attack.


Is Jack responsible for Simon’s death in Lord of the Flies?

When Piggy makes his opening statement, he refers to material from the book to bolster his points of view. Simon was not killed by Jack, and Jack is not personally responsible for Simon’s death. The killing of Simon is the responsibility of everyone in the hunting circle.

The character of Jack is significant in Lord of the Flies for the following reasons:

Jack is the strong-willed, egomaniacal child who serves as the book’s primary embodiment of the drive for cruelty and violence. He is also the protagonist of the storey. Jack is constantly connected with shadows and darkness based on his looks, and his frustrated furious eyes convey what is going on in his head. He claims to be a flesh hunter from the very beginning of the narrative.


What happens to Jack when he dies in This Is Us?

However, it looks that Jack has escaped death despite suffering from burns on his hands and smoke inhalation. The smoke has caused Jack to have a heart attack and succumb to his injuries while she is out. Rebecca is first in disbelief when the doctor informs her that her husband has died, and she takes a piece of a candy bar after he informs her that her spouse has died.