How do I get into the art dealer’s apartment in Dishonored?


The Art Dealer’s Apartment Key may be obtained via protecting a lady in the Distillery District from being hounded by City Watch guards, or by climbing / blinking up to the second-floor balcony, where an open door can be discovered; both of these occurrences occur during the House of Pleasure objective.

In a similar vein, you could wonder where the art dealer’s safe combination is located in Dishonored.

When you locate the Art Dealer, you will be provided with the code, which is 656. As soon as you get the code from him, it should be modified in your notes area with the combination you received from him. When you locate the Art Dealer, you will be provided with the code, which is 656.

Also, where exactly has slackjaw been dishonoured?

 Slackjaw is the crime boss of the Bottle Street Gang, a strong criminal organisation in Dunwall, and the leader of the Bottle Street Gang.

Also, do you know where the golden cat master key may be found?

During the mission House of Pleasure, it may be located on the desk in Madame Prudence’s office in the Golden Cat, where it can be obtained. Another duplicate may be discovered in the Golden Cat’s basement, in the locked room next to the steam room, on a hook on the wall, next to the original copy.

When playing Dishonored, what is the combination for the safe?

Combinations that are risk-free

Combo Mission

4-5-1 Dishonored


Campbell, the High Overseer


Campbell, the High Overseer

Campbell, 2-0-3, is the High Overseer.

What is the Dishonored game’s combination lock code?

Mission 2 – High Overseer Campbell (Overseer’s building kennel door): 217. Mission 2 – High Overseer Campbell (Overseer’s base): 203. Mission 3 – House Of Pleasure (Slackjaw quest): 138, 656, 679, 696, or 879. Mission 4 – House Of Pleasure (Slackjaw quest): 138, 656, 679, 696, or 8


What happened to the key to the art dealer’s apartment?

A rusted key from the past. After saving a lady from a group of thugs on Gaff Street, you will be offered the key to the Art Dealer’s apartment building. You may also steal it from her if you want to. On Bloodox Way, it unlocks the rear door of Bunting’s flat, where he lives in.


In the event that Granny Rags is killed, what happens?

It is necessary to destroy Granny Rags’ cameo in order for her to be killed or made unconscious. The fact that Granny Rags has abilities does not change the fact that she is categorised as a civilian, and murdering her would count as a civilian kill towards Corvo’s pandemonium. This is true even when she makes a cameo, and each time she is “killed” will be counted as one of her deaths.


When you open the first safe in Dishonored, what code do you enter?

Dishonored Combinations Combination Mission 2 0 3 Dishonored Combinations High Overseer Campbell 1 3 8 / 6 9 6 8 7 9 High Overseer Campbell House of Pleasure (sometimes spelled House of Pleasure) is a place where people may enjoy themselves. 4 7 3 (four seven three) The Royal Physician 2 9 4 (The Royal Physician 2 9 4) The Royal Physician is a physician who serves the King and Queen of the United Kingdom.


What is the combination to the safe at Dr. Galvani’s office and where did you get it?

When you open the journal on the writing desk, you will discover that the 28th of July is Galvani’s most significant day. It is 287 that serves as the combination for the safe.


What does an art dealer do for a living?

An art dealer is a person or business that specialises in the acquisition and sale of works of art. A professional organisation for art dealers’ accreditation or membership is responsible for setting high criteria for accreditation or membership, as well as for supporting art exhibits and events.


What is the best way to get into the golden cat?

Go to the lab on the top level and take the card off the table next to the body, which is located there. Take it back to Slackjaw, and he will provide you with a key to the Captain’s Chair Hotel, which is located nearby. The Golden Cat may be reached by that entrance, which is located towards the end of Main Street. Enter through the door and go down the corridor to the stairs.


Does Granny Rags qualify as a kill in this scenario?

In the Flooded District Mission, if Granny Rags is Sleep Darted or Choked Out after you have destroyed the Cameo, this will count as a kill and prevent you from obtaining Clean Hands.