Is that real lobster at Captain D’s?


Is it worth it to get one of Captain D’s lobster rolls?

I dropped into Captain D’s for a snack and got the lobster roll, which was delicious. The service was a touch sluggish in the drive-through; bizarrely, they waited over 10 minutes to accept my order, claiming that they were serving other customers at that time! In any case, the lobster roll was really a lobster salad, which was delicious. It’s a pretty nice deal.


One may also inquire as to how much the lobster roll at Captain D’s costs.

 Customers can get two lobster rolls for $3.69 and can upgrade to a side and a drink for an additional $2. Right now, D’s customers can get two lobster rolls for $3.69 and may upgrade to a side and a drink for an additional $2. Captain D’s Giant Fish Sandwich is also available in a majority of locations for those visitors looking for even more excellent fish at an even better price than what is already available.


Also, what exactly is in Captain D’s lobster rolls is a valid question.

Two pieces of our Famous Batter Dipped Fish, two chicken Tenders, and six Butterfly Shrimp are included in the price.


Is Captain D’s fish a genuine catch?

Captain D’s offers a variety of fresh and frozen fish, and Henderson stands by the quality of all of the fish, which includes a lot of wild Alaskan cod. Besides farm-raised catfish from Alabama and Mississippi, Captain D’s employs farm-raised tilapia, white fish, and salmon, among other species.


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What is the price of Captain D’s lobster bisque?

At selected locations, Captain D’s is bringing back its iconic Lobster Feast menu, with prices starting at $4.99 for a complete lunch and going up from there. There will be North Atlantic Lobster Bites, Lobster Scampi, Lobster Bisque, and North Atlantic Lobster Rolls available on the menu at this year’s Lobster Feast.


What is the calorie count of a Captain D’s fish sandwich, exactly?

Approximately 700 calories


Is it possible to get crab legs at Captain D’s?

Captain D’s Crab Lovers meals begin with Seafood Stuffed Crab Shells, which are then served with D’s Signature Batter Dipped Fish and crispy Butterfly Shrimp, among other things. Crab Season has returned, and Captain D’s beloved D-Gulls have returned in a new location, eager to dig into the delicious Crab Meals that are being served.


What is the cost of Captain D’s all you can eat buffet?

Prices for Captain D’s Menu Items The Cost of Food Meal with Fish and Popcorn Shrimp for $6.99 Hush Puppies Seafood Feast (12 Batter Dipped Fish, 12 Butterfly Shrimp, 3 Seafood Stuffed Crab Shells) $25.99 Hush Puppies Creamy Shrimp Scampi Meal $6.99 Family Meals Includes 2 Regular Family Sides & Hush Puppies Seafood Feast (12 Batter Dipped Fish, 12 Butterfly Shrimp, 3 Seafood Stuffed Crab Shells) $6.99


Captain D’s lobster and crab plate is priced at $80 per person.

The Platter, which comes with a choice of two sides and hush puppies, begins at USD 8.99 and goes higher from there (EUR 8.01).


What exactly are the $4.99 dinners at Captain D’s Restaurant?

Captain D’s has introduced a range of new complete meal bargains for just $4.99, which include popular items such as Flounder, Catfish, and D’s Signature Batter Dipped Fish, among other items. Every one of these $4.99 complete dinners includes six Butterfly Shrimp, your choice of two sides, and hush puppies, and they’re available now until February 23.


What is the raw material used to make fake lobster?

In fact, “imitation lobster” is made from a blend of actual lobster flesh and Wild Alaska Pollock, and it is far from being a forgery. Imitation Lobster is a low-cost, environmentally friendly, and delectable alternative to genuine lobster. It is manufactured from real seafood, with the major component being a Japanese seafood paste known as Surimi, which is a kind of seafood paste.


What exactly are the $5 dinners at Captain D’s Restaurant?

Crab Cake with Butterflied Shrimp and a Piece of Battered Fried Fish – One piece of batter-dipped fried fish, four butterfly shrimp, and one crab cake. Three crispy-fried butterfly shrimp, one piece of batter-dipped fried fish, two chicken tenders, and three crispy-fried butterfly shrimp comprise the Sampler. Prices and participation in the transaction are subject to change.


What exactly are Captain D’s specialties?

The $4.99 Captain D’s Fish & Shrimp Meal Deal includes one piece of Signature Batter Dipped Fish, six Butterfly Shrimp, two sides and hush puppies. Two pieces of catfish, six Butterfly Shrimp, two sides of vegetables, and hush puppies make up the Catfish and Shrimp meal. Seafood Flounder and Shrimp — One piece of Southern-Style Flounder, six Butterfly Shrimp, two sides, and hush puppies are served with this dish.


What is the cost of Captain D’s family meal?

Prices for Captain D’s Menu Items PRICING FOR FOOD IN SMALL SERVINGS Hush Puppies and 2 regular family sides are included with the Family Meals. Feast of Seafood (12 Batter Dipped Fish, 12 Butterfly Shrimp, 3 Seafood Stuffed Crab Shells) 10 pcs. of Battered Dipped Fish for $25.99 $19.99


What exactly is included in Captain D’s Seafood Feast?

Feast of Seafood There are twelve pieces of our renowned battered fish, twelve crispy butterfly shrimp, three seafood packed crab shells, twelve hush puppies, and your choice of two family-style sides to go with your meal.


Is grilled shrimp available at Captain D’s?

A fillet of our delectable grilled white fish is served with a skewer of juicy grilled shrimp on a bed of greens. With your choice of two sides and a breadstick, this dish is served on a bed of rice.


Is Pollock a source of elevated mercury?

It is not recommended to consume shark, swordfish, king mackerel, or tilefish caught in the Gulf of Mexico due to the high amounts of mercury present. Shrimp, canned light tuna, salmon, pollock, and catfish are five of the most often consumed seafood that are low in mercury, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.


What are the four types of fish that you should never eat?

The Atlantic and Pacific Oceans Bluefin, Albacore, and Yellowfin tuna are all species that should be avoided. Tuna in cans is one of the most widely eaten seafood in the United States, and this is depleting fisheries. (See the next list for four canned fishes that you should avoid at all costs.)