What chapter do Kyo and Tohru get together?


The first time Kyo finds Tohru unconscious is in Chapter 122 of Volume 21 after she fell off a cliff while talking to Akito and confessed her feelings for him to Kyo. Tohru remains unconscious for a long time after that. However, since she was unaware that he had kissed her, she assumed he had dumped her despite the fact that they were not dating.


What I’d want to know is if Kyo ends up with Tohru.

Kyo was the character she picked in the manga. In the manga, Kyo and Tohru, on the other hand, end up together in the end. Despite the fact that this becomes more clear as the manga’s tale proceeds. He had feelings for Tohru, but he later realised that he did not love her as a girl or woman, but rather as a mother.


Aside from the reasons stated above, why does Tohru end up with Kyo?

Kyo expresses his desire for them to be together at all times. He inquires as to whether he may embrace her despite the fact that he would morph, to which Tohru responds that she doesn’t mind since she loves him so much that “it can’t be beat.” At the conclusion of the series, it is revealed that Tohru and Kyo have been engaged to be married.

In a similar vein, you could wonder who Tohru Honda ended up with.

Tohru Honda is a Japanese automobile manufacturer.

Kyo Sohma’s wife is also a model.

Children’s author Hajime Sohma (son)

Kyoko Honda’s family members (mother) Katsuya Honda is a Japanese professional wrestler (father) Grandfather who will not be named


Who does Kyo Sohma end up with?

Kyo Sohma is a Japanese actor.



Father Who Will Not Be Named (Estranged) Mother who will not be named Kazuma Sohma is a Japanese actor (Adoptive Father)


Tohru Honda’s wife is Tohru Honda (Wife)

There are three children: Hajime Sohma (son) and an unnamed son and an unnamed daughter.

In which episode does Tohru kiss Kyo for the first time?

The first time Kyo finds Tohru unconscious is in Chapter 122 of Volume 21 after she fell off a cliff while talking to Akito and confessed her feelings for him to Kyo. Tohru remains unconscious for a long time after that.


Is it possible that Kyo murdered Tohru’s mother?

Yes, but not in the sense that you’re picturing it. Kyo’s mother committed herself when he was a child following a disagreement with his father. It seems that he may have beaten his wife, causing her to throw herself in front of a train. Tohru’s mother, on the other hand, was killed when she was struck by a car during their first year of high school.


Tohru is a type of dragon, but which one?

Anyone who observes it generally dismisses it as a type of cosplay on their part. With black wings and a light green underbelly, Tohru appears as a large green European dragon with a black body and light green underbelly. The height of her dragon form towers over Kobayashi’s four-story-high old apartment, which she occupies in her dragon form.


What is Tohru’s age?

She is flapping her green dragon tail, which is scaly and green on top and white and smooth on the bottom, out in front of her. It should be noted that Tohru seems to be 69 years old in certain spin-offs.


Is it ever possible for Kyo to defeat Yuki?

Kyo took a four-month leave of absence from his family in order to train with Kazuma in the mountains in order to defeat Yuki once and for all. Yuki, on the other hand, was never defeated by him. In the end, Yuki and Kyo agreed to a cease-fire.


Is Akito a boy or a girl?

It is not revealed until Chapter 97 that Akito is naturally female in the manga, despite the fact that she was raised as a boy by her mother, Ren, and that she is thus a girl.


What happens to Hatori Sohma at the end?

After Kana marries someone else, Shigure manipulates Hatori into meeting Kana’s closest friend, Mayuko Shiraki, in order to get information on her. They find themselves drawn to one another and eventually begin dating. Kinu Sohma’s father Hatori is the main character in Fruits Basket Another. Hatori is married to Mayuko.


Kyo Sohma’s age is unknown.

Young Kyo Sohma (???, Sma Kyo), between the ages of 16 and 18, is cursed by the Cat, an animal that does not appear in the Chinese zodiac but which, according to mythology, would have done so if it had not been deceived into missing the induction feast by the Rat (see Zodiac origin stories).


When did Tohru Honda come into being?

When you search for Tohru Honda’s birthday on most search engines, the date April 5th 2006 appears at the top of the results. All of her character profiles on websites that existed prior to this storey describe her as a Taurus. Her birthday is on the 6th of May. The character Tohru is depicted as a rice ball with a “plum on the back,” despite the fact that it is unable to morph.


What exactly is Shigure’s strategy?

His primary motive is to break the Sohma Curse in order to liberate Akito, the God, from the curse and the need to live as a man, in order to have her all to himself. He is also motivated by the desire to see Akito again. As Akito’s husband and the father of Shiki Sohma in Fruits Basket 2, he appears in the series.


What Zodiac sign does Akito belong to?

He is the patriarch of the Sohma family and is regarded as a “God” according to the Chinese Zodiac. As a short-tempered and abusive character, Akito has left physical and emotional scars on a large number of Sohmas.


What caused Kyoko Honda’s death?

Her death occurs few months before the beginning of the series, when she is hit by a vehicle.


What did it take to break the curse in Fruits Basket?

I agree with the others that Tohru did not directly release the curse, but I believe he did indirectly. For lack of a better phrase, she “softened” Akito’s disposition. By bringing Akito face to face with the truth about herself and the other characters. She had a role in the breaking of the curse, but it was Akito who was ultimately responsible for releasing each zodiac animal and setting them free.


Is Shigure head over heels in love with Akito?

In Shigure’s relationship with Akito, there are many snags and hiccups. He initially fell in love with her before she was even born, thanks to a dream he had when he was between the ages of 4 and 6 years old, which foretold the conception of his future wife. Despite the fact that Hatori and Ayame never felt anything more than brotherly affection for Akito, Shigure’s feelings for him developed beyond that.