What is a DECA Phoebs?


Phoeb is roughly similar to one month (but the precise equivalency has not been defined). Deca-Phoeb is about one year in length (the precise equivalent has not been determined).


What does the word Quiznak imply in Altean, taking all of above into consideration?

“Quiznak” is an expletive made popular by Coran that has been adopted by the Paladins. According to Rhys Darby, the phrase literally translates as “damn it.” Assuming this is the case, Lance urges Keith to “Shut your damned it.” It may also be used as an adjective in the episodes in the opposite way, as in “quiznaking Galra,” which makes Rhys’ translation seem to be incorrect.


What does a typical day look like in Altean?

 (We believe) Varga’s time is around one hour. Quintent: a day is about equal to 20 vargas.


In this regard, how long does a DECA Phoebe live?

A deca-phoebe is unquestionably the year. Pidge confirms this by stating that it was three years after they uttered three deca-phoebes, which they had repeated a dozen times.


What does the abbreviation Vrepit SA mean?

Several years ago, I read on a tumblr post that the term “Vrepit Sa,” which means “to stick” or “to shove,” in Slovak, and that the belief was that Vrepit Sa meant something along the lines of “Onward!” Because it sounds a LOT like the phrase “to stick or to shove.”


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What is Lotor’s age?

10,000 years is a long time.


What is a Quintant, and how does it work?

A quintant is defined as follows: a portable device comparable to a sextant, but with an arc of 72 degrees and the ability to measure angles twice as large as the sextant’s.


What exactly is a Vargas?

a Brazilian politician who managed the country as if he were a virtual dictatorship (1883-1954) Getulio Dornelles Vargas is a synonym for: national leader, solon, statesman, and stateswoman. an individual who is well-regarded as a national or worldwide leader in his field of endeavour


Is Keith a member of the Galra?

Keith is known to be of Galra descent, as demonstrated by the activation of his Galra knife (which he has had since boyhood) upon his successful completion of the Trials of Marmora.


What is Keith’s last name in the Voltron film series?

“KO-gain” is the pronunciation of Keith Kogane’s last name, which was revealed in Crossed Signals. Closed captions provide confirmation of spelling.) was previously a fugitive and the former leader of the erstwhile renegade Voltron Force, as well as the pilot of the Black Lion, however he eventually resigned from his position. Keith’s Voltcom weapons are two swords that he wields simultaneously.


What is Galra’s height?

9-10 feet in height


What is Shiro’s age in relation to Voltron?



What is the age of Allura Voltron?

The precise age of Allura is unknown. Staff members and products have referred to her as an adolescent throughout the series. Allura seems to be 19 years old or younger, however due to Coran’s age being at least 600 years old (demonstrating the long lifespan of Alteans), it is unclear if she is genuinely 19 years old or younger, or merely the Altean equivalent of a human adolescent.


What year does Voltron take place in?

No televised episode of Voltron: Defender of the Universe specified a particular century, despite the fact that the show’s unaired premiere episode and several marketing materials indicate that “it is the twenty-fifth century.” In any of the episodes that have aired, neither Voltron: The Third Dimension nor Voltron Force have mentioned a certain century.


What do the Galra have to say in Voltron, exactly?

Galra Instructions from Hunk I had always assumed that “Vrepit Sa” meant something along the lines of “For the Empire,” but it turns out that the word really translates to “Killing Thrust” and was created after a fight that took place thousands of years ago.


What is the length of a Quintant?

Quintant is equal to 1.167 days (28 hours)


What method did Lance use to get Altean markings?

Back in season 6, Lance sacrificed his life in order to protect Allura, and in exchange, she used her magic and life-giving abilities to bring him back to life. In season 6, Allura used her abilities to bring him back to life, kissed him, and his affections for her caused him to obtain Altean markings. He even learned how to cultivate Altean flowers on his family’s farm, something he is quite proud of.


What is the age of Coran Voltron?

600 years have passed.


In Voltron, what is the quintessence?

Quintessence is a material that has the maximum known energy per unit volume of any substance in the universe, according to current knowledge. Raw quintessence may be taken from planets and purified into a standardised fuel for Galra technology, which is then used to power the ship.