Can I put a longer bar on my Stihl chainsaw?

Can I put a longer bar on my Stihl chainsaw?


As might be expected, professional saws are capable of handling much larger units than the ones shown here, if necessary. The Stihl MS 880 Magnum, for example, can handle a bar that is 59 inches in length. That's a little less than 5 feet of cutting power, which is probably more than you'll ever need around the yard!


In addition, what is the optimal chainsaw bar length to use?

between 14 and 18 inches in height


One can also wonder whether a Ryobi chainsaw can be modified to accommodate a larger bar.

A Poulan 14 chainsaw may be used with a bar that is 12, 14, 16, and 18 inches in length, depending on the model. A bigger bar, on the other hand, may not necessarily provide the optimum cutting performance.


It is also possible to inquire if Stihl bars are interchangeable.

Concerning the Stihl chainsaw bar interchangeability The bars may be swapped out as needed. The sprocket rims will also change, but the drums will not, if my recollection serves me correctly.


Is it possible to use an 18-inch bar on a Stihl ms170?

Residential Chain Saws Stihl advises that its MS 170, MS 171, MS 180, MS 181, MS 192, and MS 211 residential chain saws be supplied with guide bars ranging in length from 12 to 16 inches in length. These variants, which have bigger 45 cc engines and are capable of driving an 18-inch bar, are known as the MS 250 and MS 251.


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Is the quality of Stihl chainsaws superior to that of Husqvarna?

Advantages of using a Stihl A large number of users have said that Stihl offers more low-end torque, making it a superior option for severe cutting applications. The weight of the saw is reduced as a result of the smaller fuel tank, making it simpler to handle. Stihl chainsaws are often less expensive than Husqvarna chainsaws. Stihl is known for needing less frequent maintenance than other brands.


Is it possible to adjust the length of the chainsaw bar?

Yes and no are the correct answers. Numerous chainsaws are built to accept units of varying dimensions. Husqvarna 460 Ranchers, for example, are often offered with 20-inch bar and chain as standard equipment. It is, nevertheless, capable of accommodating items ranging in size from 13" to 24".


Is it possible to use an 18-inch bar on a 16-inch chainsaw?

Consider the following scenario: you have a 40 CC gas chainsaw with an 18-inch bar on it, and you want to cut some wood. When compared to a 16-inch bar, the 18-inch bar will clearly have a longer cut length because of its larger diameter. The chain, on the other hand, has a greater distance to travel away from the engine. As a result, running at 16-inches has less length, but it has more kick.


Is there a bar that will suit any chainsaw?

Yes, but you'll need a bar that's specifically built to match your saw. It is necessary to adapt the bar design to the chain and sprocket arrangement on each saw since there are distinct designs for each saw.


In what size chainsaw bar do I need to start with?

When it comes to chainsaws, size does make a difference. This means that if you wish to cut a 14-inch tree in a single pass, a guide bar that is 16 inches (or more) in length is optimal for the safest cutting. A tiny chainsaw can cut through a huge tree in two passes, which is ideal if you need to chop down a large tree quickly.


Do drive links make a difference while using a chainsaw?

It is necessary to keep track of the number of separate drive connections. There are no exceptions. Simple length measures (such as "a 2 foot chain") are not useful when it comes to accurately sizing chains. The length of a chain is defined by a combination of the distance between links (pitch) and the number of links in the chain


The frequency with which you should sharpen your chainsaw is a personal preference.

Every other cutter should be filed before moving to the opposite side of the bar to sharpen the remaining cutters. Every five or six cutters, you'll need to advance the chain after sharpening it, which will take some time. This is something you should do with gloves.


Is there any significance to the numbers on a chainsaw bar?

The numbers on a chainsaw chain are confusing, so let's break it down. In the case of chainsaw chains, the numbers imprinted on the chain are an identification code that is used by the manufacturer to show the pitch and gauge measures of the chain. Pitch and gauge are crucial parameters to consider when determining whether or not a chain is suitable with a certain chainsaw.


Is it necessary to operate a Stihl chainsaw with a Stihl chain? No.

Replacement components, such as chains, are manufactured by Stihl, which also produces chain saws. Stihl suggests that you use its own chains as replacements, however after-market manufacturers also provide chains that are identical to the ones that come with a Stihl chain saw. These numbers are printed on the replacement chain package by the manufacturers.


Will the Stihl bar work with the Husqvarna?

It is not necessary to use a Stihl bar in order to run Stihl chain. All that is required is the right pitch and gauge. When using Stihl bars on a Husqvarna saw, not only should you be concerned with the difference size bar studs, but you should also be concerned about the placement of the oil hole.


Is it possible to use a Stihl bar with an echo?

There's nothing quite like a dry fit. Due to the alignment of the oiler holes and tension location locations, it would appear that the bar and chain would function properly, except that the drive links on the Stihl chain are sufficiently different from those on the Echo chain such that the Stihl does not mesh properly with the clutch drive sprocket.


Who manufactures the chainsaw bars for Stihl?

STIHL is the only chainsaw company that manufactures both the guide bars and the saw chain in-house. In Germany, the company's original guide bar production site is situated in Waiblingen, while saw chain manufacture is headquartered in Switzerland. The STIHL Virginia Beach campus today consists of eight buildings spread over three pieces of property totaling more than 83 acres in size.


What kind of chain do I need to use with my Stihl chainsaw?

Stihl also uses the number 1 for 1/4-inch pitch chains, which are not included on its chain chart, as well as the numbers 6 and 7 for 3/8-inch and 1/4-inch PICCO chains, which are both listed on its chain chart.