Can you use injustice cards on mobile?


The player may either scan their character cards with the scanner in order to utilise those characters in combat, or they can start a battle without their character cards and use random Bronze cards picked by the computer to fight with. The game performs precisely the same as the smartphone version, with the exception that the player presses and holds buttons.


In light of this, which card in the Injustice Arcade is the most effective?

Cards are ranked according to their capacity to inflict damage economically and efficiently:

It goes without saying that AOB is at the top of this list for a reason.

AODS- Arkham Origin Cards are of the highest quality.

Shazam- This is a no-brainer of a card.

Raven- Raven is a card that is clearly above average in terms of power.

RSDS- This is a card that is often forgotten about.


Second, do you believe Dave and Busters has been treated unfairly?

Injustice Dave & Busters is getting an arcade. The “Gods Among Us” subtitle has been changed with -Arcade- in order to separate this title from the home edition, although I assume the game is still based on the mobile version of the franchise. A unique Justice League topper featuring Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg is also available for purchase through them.


Another question is, what is the most rare injustice card in the game?

Ares of the Silver Insurgency is one of the rarest cards in the game, and you won’t find him in any packs, nor will you be able to play him online.


What is the total number of injustice cards in existence?

Raw Thrills is now releasing their new Team Cards (110 cards) Series 2 for Injustice Arcade, which is a major improvement.