How can I track my thirty one order?

How can I track my thirty one order?


To track an order with Thirty-One, open the shipment notification email you received when the order shipped. Click the Track my UPS Package(s) link to see the latest tracking status updates.


Similarly, you may ask, how long does it take for a thirty one order to arrive?

Our warehouse will process and ship orders Monday through Friday. Given that your order is not set to hold by our fraud prevention team, your order should be shipped within 1-2 business days.


One may also ask, does a thirty one hostess pay shipping?

Orders shipped directly to the customer are charged $4 plus 8 percent of the product total. When hosting a party, your guests have the option to ship to their hostess and save the $4 fee. The 8 percent charge still applies. Hostess Credit FREE products and Hostess Exclusive FREE items will not have shipping charges applied.


In this manner, how much does a 31 consultant make?

21.9 percent of Consultants earned less than $1; 16.4 percent of Consultants earned between $1 and $99; and. 45.6 percent of Consultants earned between $100 and $999.


Can you return thirty one items?

Return Policy: We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. If for any reason an item does not meet your expectations, please contact your Consultant to process a return or exchange request within 90 days of your purchase date or within 90 days of the order shipment date by Thirty-One, whichever is later.


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Where are thirty one bags manufactured?

Operations at Easton will continue without interruption.” Thirty-One Gifts was founded in 2003 in Tennessee in the basement of Cindy Monroe, the company's CEO and founder. The Springfield location produces handbags, fashion accessories, totes and other products, and personalizes them with monograms for customers.


How many embroidery machines does Thirty one own?

Now we have 1,116 embroidery machines – the largest collection of its type in the country! A typical embroidery design averages 8,000 stiches, and our machines can produce 800 to 1,000 stiches per minute. Larger designs – such as large initials or large monograms – can take 30 to 45 minutes each to embroider!


How long does it take for a Verizon phone to ship?

2-day shipping: Orders placed before 8 PM ET Monday - Friday, or before 2 PM ET on Saturday, excluding holidays, will be delivered in 2 business days. Orders placed after 2 PM ET on Saturday, and before 8 PM ET on Monday will be delivered on Wednesday*


How do I sell my 31 products?

After becoming a Thirty One consultant, you can get 25 percent commission on all your sales. You also earn a percentage of the sales from other people you recruit to become Thirty-One consultants. The company will need you to sell at least $200 in product every three months to remain active.


Can thirty one consultants buy Hostess exclusives?

Hostess Exclusives Get the girls together to shop Thirty-One this month and get your hands on these amazing Hostess Exclusive styles. You could even earn them for FREE!


How do I reactivate my thirty one consultant?

Thirty-One just announced that you can simply go to your old website, click a button that says "reactivate" and STAY ACTIVE through the OUTLET SALE on December 27th-29th to get that $200 in orders! You don't have to submit $200 FIRST! You can simply reactivate!!


How much does it cost to join 31?

A: It costs $99 for the Signature Enrollment Kit (top) and $179 for the Deluxe Enrollment Kit (bottom) (bottom). You'll also pay shipping (8 percent ) and tax (your local rate) on your kit.


Why is it called thirty one?

The company was based on one immutable goal: to empower women. Even the name Thirty-One Gifts is based on a biblical proverb that “celebrates hard-working women who are compassionate, gracious and inspiring to their families and the people around them.”


Can you make money selling 31 bags?

Earning Potential There are two ways to earn money as a Thirty-One Consultant: sales and leadership. Sales is obviously required in order to be a consultant, but leadership is optional for those who are interested in earning even more while mentoring others. Sales: You earn 25 percent of your entire sales.


How many 31 consultants are there?

“We're really excited to be back and have a lot of new elements this year,” said Michelle Harris, director of events for Thirty-One Gifts. “There are 11,000 consultants attending and more are still registering.”


Is Thirty One Gifts a pyramid scheme?

So while there may be elements of a pyramid scheme, Thirty One Gifts certainly isn't an outright illegal pyramid scheme. Making Money Online Is Simple!


How do you get paid with thirty one?

Consultants are paid twice monthly. Commission from orders and parties from the 1st -15th of the month is paid on the 25th of the same month and commission from orders and parties from the 16th – end of month is paid on the 10th of the following month.