How do I change my Patriot web password?


Choose one of the choices listed below:

To get started with your Patriot Pass account, visit this page.

To update your Patriot Pass password, log in using your NetID and current password as shown below.

To re-set a Patriot Pass password that has been forgotten or expired, go to this page.

If you are unable to activate or reset your account, you may fill out this form.


How can I go about changing my MasonLive password in light of this?

To modify or reset your MasonLive Microsoft Password, please follow the instructions outlined below:

Go to to reset your password.

Select Option 5 (To activate/reset your MasonLive Microsoft Account) from the drop-down menu and click on the link there.

Enter your Mason NetID and Patriot Pass Password in the appropriate fields on the Central Authentication Service webpage.

What is my George Mason NetID, for example, is a legitimate question. A Mason NetID (username) is a one-of-a-kind personal identification that allows you to log into online platforms that utilise the Patriot Pass Password Management System to manage your passwords. It serves as your login for many University computing and networking services, as well as determining your Mason email address, which is It is also used to log into many University computing and networking services.

In a similar vein, the question “How do I set up my Patriot Pass?” is raised.

How to Obtain a Patriot Pass for First-Time College Students

To activate your Patriot Pass, go to the Patriot Pass Password Management website and follow the on-screen instructions.

To activate your Patriot Pass account, go to the Welcome page and pick option 1 and then click here.

On the Get Your Mason Username (NetID) and Password page, enter your G Number and your Claim Code, and then click Continue to go to the next step.

When will I be able to enrol for courses at GMU?

To see a lesson on how to locate your registration time ticket in Patriot Web, please click on the link below.

Priority Dates and Classification Code

13th of November, 2019 Sophomores (30-59 hours earned)

15th of November, 2019 Freshmen (0-29 hours have been earned)

20th of November, 2019

Graduate with a non-degree

6th of January, 2020

Undergraduate without a degree

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What is the process for activating my MasonLive account?

You must first activate your Patriot Pass before you can proceed with setting up your MasonLive Account. Go to to reset your password. Select Option 5 (To activate/reset your MasonLive Microsoft Account) from the drop-down menu and click on the link there. Enter your Mason NetID and Patriot Pass Password in the appropriate fields on the Central Authentication Service webpage.

What is the process for creating a Mason account?

Checklist for Creating a MasonLive Account Complete your first login to MasonLive by clicking here. Make a list of people who should not be contacted by email. Always remember to check your MasonLive “Junk Mail” folder on a regular basis to ensure that you are getting all of your emails. Change the name that appears on your computer screen. Make a copy of your MasonLive account and save it on your mobile device (Optional) For a limited time, you can get Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus for free.

What is the email address associated with my GMU account?

Your email address will be, and you will be a Mason. MasonLive is the official email system for Mason students, and it is operated by the university. Your MasonLive account includes the fundamentals of email, calendaring, and contacts management. A licence to use Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus, Skype for Business and OneDrive is also included with the purchase.

What is the best way to set up a Mason email account?

Through the use of the website: Connect to on your computer. Choose Student Email or MasonLive Microsoft Password and enter your entire email address ( and MasonLive Microsoft Password. The Outlook web site ( also provides direct access to your MasonLive account.

How can I get my George Mason email address to appear on my iPhone?

How to Configure Employee Email on Apple IOS Devices Select Settings from the drop-down menu. Select Accounts & Passwords from the drop-down menu. Tap on the Add Account button. Select Exchange from the drop-down menu. Please enter your complete email address. Fill up the Description area with a name that is approachable. Sign in by using the Sign In button. Select Work or School Account from the drop-down menu. Sign in by entering your complete email address and password and clicking Sign In.

What is my g number, exactly?

In our computer system, the G number, also known as the student’s ID number, and sometimes referred to as a User ID when signing into WebSMART, is what is used to identify the student in our system. It is made up of nine digits, the first of which is a G (which stands for Generated), followed by eight integers. A student’s Student I.D. number cannot be changed.

When will you be able to register for spring courses?

Dates, times, and registration options for the Spring 2020 semester are shown below. Consult with an adviser and register as soon as possible. When receiving financial assistance, you must register for all Spring 2020 courses by February 14, 2020 if you want to keep your award.

What is the procedure for dropping a class at GMU?

The procedure for obtaining a non-academic withdrawal is outlined below. To seek academic accommodations, submit a CHHS Student Academic Request Form, which may be acquired from the CHHS Office of Student Affairs, detailing your particular request and its justifications. Fill out the online form and submit it together with any supporting evidence to the CHHS Office of Student Affairs as soon as possible.