How do I freeze my sun tan city membership online?

How do I freeze my sun tan city membership online?


Please contact MySunTanCity.com or your local salon if you want to freeze or cancel your membership. We are unable to accept Freezes or Cancellations for your membership by email, chat, or phone due to the security of your account.


People have also inquired as to what exactly are "frozen bucks" in Sun Tan City.

You may speak with a Tanning Consultant at any time after your monthly agreement has been fulfilled in order to have your account frozen quickly and without incurring any fees. During the period in which your account is frozen, an automatic $5 freeze payment will be sent to your account.


What I would want to know is if I may use my Sun Tan City membership at any location?

. Bringing Tanning Back Home for the Holidays Sun Tan City might be your vacation destination in this case! Your Sun Tan City tanning membership may be utilised at any of our tanning establishments across the city. So if you notice a Sun Tan City, take advantage of the opportunity to rest for a short period of time!


It is also possible to inquire about the cost of a Sun Tan City membership.

For just $15.99 per month, you can have our Fast membership, or for only $29.99 per month, you can get our Faster membership. Furthermore, you'll get $30 in free upgrade money, 33 percent off all Blend products and lotions, and 20 percent off all other goods when you purchase any of the two packages!


What is the duration of the instant bed at Sun Tan City?

Our Instant level sunbed is the most intense and highest-quality sunbed we provide. A session might last anywhere from 12 minutes and higher depending on the individual. Those who utilise this bed may get a deep, natural base tan in as little as two to three sessions, making it the most efficient method of attaining a beautiful, golden brown glow.


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The contract with Sun Tan City has expired. What should I do now?

Please visit MySunTanCity.com or the salon if you want to freeze or cancel your membership. Email, chat, and phone are not acceptable methods of requesting a freeze or cancellation of your membership due to account security concerns.


Is there a drug test in Sun Tan City?

Is it necessary to submit to a drug test at Suntan City or is it sufficient to just sign a consent? There will be no drug testing! Needles and bottles were found in abundance in the garbage cans at the Shelbyville facility. While still an associate, the present assistant manager came in on a high note one day, causing much further turmoil.


What is the time limit for tanning again? Do you have to wait 24 hours?

Tanning twice in 18 to 20 hours can give you a lovely tan that will last all day. The fact that there is no regulation stating that you must wait 24 hours means that it becomes a responsible decision for the tanner's safety.


When it comes to Sun Tan City, how much do the improvements cost?

When purchasing Sunless improvements, you may get a $25 bonus if you purchase $50 in upgrades. Membranes who don't speak up much: In addition, Sunless members may buy $50 in Sunless upgrades—this month and get an additional $50 in free bonus credits!


Is your first Sun Tan City spray tan completely free?

Visit your local Sun Tan City salon if you have any more questions regarding tanning before your event. Don't forget that your first spray tan appointment is complimentary, and is good Sunday through Wednesday.


Sun Tan City allows you to tan as frequently as you like.

Tanning should be done periodically, but not every day, in order to get the optimum benefits. If you want your tan to develop properly, we suggest that you come us every 36-48 hours, which is no more than 2 – 3 times a week. That's more than enough tanning to get you started and keep you there. At Sun Tan City, it's simple to get the most out of your tan.


Checking in at Sun Tan City is done in a certain manner.

We've built the MySunTanCity app to make it even easier to check in for a sunbed or spray tan at your local salon with only a few of clicks on your phone, for increased convenience. While you're waiting in line for coffee or lounging between courses, start planning your tanning session.


Can I buy goggles in Sun Tan City?

We provide goggles at every Sun Tan City site; please remember to put them on and keep them on the whole while you're sunbathing with us.


Is it harmful to get a spray tan?

Spray tans, once heralded as a convenient alternative to sunbathing outdoors, might really be harmful to your health. In particular, there is worry over the use of dihydroxyacetone (DHA) in tanning solutions, which interacts with dead skin cells on the skin's surface and causes colour change. DHA is believed to be safe when taken in the appropriate manner, according to experts.


Approximately how frequently should one tan?

It is recommended that you wait 36-48 hours between each session in order to enable your tan to properly develop in between sessions. Increasing your indoor tanning time gradually and tanning two to three times a week will help you get a tan. Tanning one or two times each week can keep your tan looking good for longer.


Can you tell me how much it costs to get a spray tan?

The average cost of a spray tan session at a salon is $40.00, with rates ranging from $18.00 to $100.00 per session. Location, salon quality, kind of spray tan, and whether or not the session is included in a reduced package will all influence the cost of your spray tan appointment.


Do you need to prepare for a spray tan before getting one?

Tip for Sunless Tanning: Make sure you are prepared for your sunless tan at the appropriate time of year. For at least 4-8 hours after tanning, you must refrain from getting wet. Dead, dry skin cells should be exfoliated before to your session. In this way, the bronzing spray may be absorbed into the skin more effectively. You may forego the lotion and cosmetics altogether! Arrive to your session dressed in loose-fitting, dark clothes.


Spray tans are available at Sun Tan City.

TANNING WITH A SPRAY For a gorgeous glow that is customised to your skin tone, our Spray Tan Booths provide the finest spray tan available. Your tan will be beautiful and last up to 7 days after only one session!


Are memberships at Sun Tan City required in order to tan?

You are the only one who will benefit from membership! You just choose the plan that best meets your requirements, and, similar to a Netflix subscription, you may set up a simple recurring payment plan to tan at any of our more than 250 salons!