How do I get to Spartan Strategoi?


As a first step in finding Spartan strategoi, you should reduce the nation’s strength to a vulnerable state and then activate the conquest battle symbols. Go to the spartan conquest battle camp and look for the spartan strategoi, and then return to your starting location. The war for Phokis is a conquering conflict that takes place in the area.


So, where can I locate Spartan Strategoi in relation to this?

Apparently, there is a Spartan Strategoi in the Megaris-occupied woodland camp on the beach, and another one in the fort that is up the hill to the right of that camp, both of which are located near the shore.


Second, what is an Athenian Strategoi, and how do you recognise one?

 Strategi are tall warriors that carry a long spear as well as an oval shield with a helmet that is decorated with an orange, white, and blue fabric on top.


In this light, what exactly are the Spartan Strategoi in A C Odyssey’s narrative?

In the game, Spartan Strategoi are among the most formidable regular troops available, since they are well armoured and wield a giant shield and enormous pole axe in addition to their usual weapons. Their helmets, which have a twin mohawk on the front, are their most distinguishing characteristic. According to their name, in order to locate them, you must look in Spartan-controlled territory.


In Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, where can you find Athenian archers?

They’re archers, as we’ve already said. They are identifiable by their blue hoods, which should make them simple to identify if you are in the area. According to theory, you may locate them wherever that contains Athenian troops, such as war ships, forts, and military camps, among other places. There are some ones that are more appropriate for your search than others, of course.


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In AC Odyssey, where has the marksman gone?

The location of three marksmen in Athens can be found while travelling to the statue of Athena and heading to the bottom of the steps where there is a marksman on top of a building protecting a treasure box. You may find one at a building called the marble workshop, which is located to the west of where you killed him.