How do I program my autopage remote?


Using My Autopage Remote Car Starter, How Do I Reprogram It?

Enter your car and make sure the doors and trunk are closed tightly behind you.

Insert the key into the ignition and turn the key from “Off” to “On” three times, with the key remaining in the “On” position at the conclusion of the third cycle of operation.

Double-click the valet switch on your Autopage alarm to activate it.

Press any button on your keyless remote starter to start the vehicle.


What exactly is autopage, taking all of this into consideration?

In the remote start industry for many years, Auto Page was a well-respected brand. It made its debut in 1979 with a car security system that alerted the owner if someone interfered with the vehicle’s security system. The business then created one of the first remote-controlled alarm systems, which used an infrared remote, somewhere between the early and mid 1980s.


What is the function of the valet button?

It is possible to temporarily bypass the alarm feature of the system by pressing the valet button or switching it on. To enter or leave valet mode, first disarm the system using a functional transmitter, your own manual override code, or by following the process outlined below, which is for entering or exiting valet mode, respectively.


In this regard, what is the function of the valet switch on autopage?

It is possible to temporarily disable all alarm features by using the valet switch, which eliminates the need to give your transmitter over to parking attendants or garage personnel. In valet mode, all alarm features are disabled, however the remote panic feature and remote door locks continue to work as normal.


What is the location of the valet switch?

Under the driver’s side dash, for example, is a common position for the valet switch (mounted in the under-dash covering trim panel or wire-tied to a harness) Located in the kick panel on the driver’s side. The unit is housed in the plastic casing of the steering column.


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What is the procedure for disabling the autopage alarm?

Arming, disarming, and panic functions are all included. Arming the system is accomplished by pressing the lock button on the remote transmitter. As long as a door is open, the alarm will chirp and remain deactivated until the door is closed and the lock button is hit once again, the alarm will not arm. Disarming the system is accomplished by pressing the unlock button on the remote transmitter.


What is the finest vehicle alarm on the market?

Top 10 Best Car Alarms (in no particular order) 2020 2 Way Car Security with Remote Start System from Viper (Viper 5706V). Pyle Car Alarm Security System is a high-tech security system for automobiles. Two-way security with a remote start system is provided by the Python 5706P Responder LC3 SST. AVITAL 5303L Security/Remote Start System (Security/Remote Start System). Omega K9 Mundial-4 (New Version) Car Alarm in brand new condition. EC002-NS PKE Alarm System by EASYGUARD Technologies.


What happened to cause my remote start to stop working?

The most common reason for this is because the pin switch beneath the hood has been destroyed or rusted. Any remote starter must be equipped with a mechanism that prevents the car from starting when the hood is opened. A mechanic might be gravely wounded if the car is remotely started while they are working on it if this is not done.


What is the best way to restart my remote starter?

Instructions on How to Reset a Remote Starter Start your automobile and turn it on with your starter and ignition key while leaving the driver’s door ajar. Insert your key into the ignition and turn the key to the “On” position to start the vehicle. Press and hold the “Valet” button on your remote control until the horn starts to trill again.


What exactly is Viper’s valet mode?


What is Valet Mode and how does it work?

At some time or another, we all have to relinquish control of our car to someone else. Whatever the job is, whether it’s a valet at your favourite restaurant or a technician at your neighbourhood shop. With valet mode, you may disable your alarm and give over the keys without having to worry about giving over the control panel for your alarm system.


What is the procedure for activating valet mode?

There are a variety of different methods to enter valet mode. Turn the ignition key to the ‘On’ position in the vehicle’s ignition. Pressing and releasing the lock button and the trunk button at the same time is recommended (buttons I & III). This will fail if you continue to hold the buttons for more than 5 seconds.


Is it possible to get a valet key with a chip?

Yes, the valet key has a chip that is programmed to work with your immobiliser.


What is the best way to configure a valet remote start?

Once you have selected the channel you wish to configure, press the valet remote push-button three times to access it: once for “Arm/Disarm,” twice for “Trunk Release,” and three times for “Remote Start.” The valet push-button is normally found beneath the driver’s side panel, and it must be pushed within 15 seconds of the door being opened to be valid.


What exactly is Range Rover’s valet mode?

Touchscreen for the 2016 Range Rover. SELECTION OF THE VALET MODE Valet mode enables a parking valet to drive the car and secure it for you without allowing them access to the loadspace. Using Valet mode also disables use of the Touch screen, which restricts access to phone numbers and navigation locations.