How do I program my hunter xcore sprinkler system?

How do I program my hunter xcore sprinkler system?


Run. The default dial position for all automated and manual controller operations is shown below.

The current time and day. It is possible to set the current day and clock time.

Start times are shown below. Each programme has the ability to have one to four start times that may be customised.

Run-times are provided. Allows the user to choose the duration of each valve station's operation from 1 minute to 4 hours.

Water Days are celebrated every year on the first of June.

Adjustment for the season.


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In this respect, how can I switch on the sprinkler system on my Hunter XCore system?

X-Core enables you to manually control a single station.

Activate the MANUAL – ONE STATION setting on the dial.

The display will show the amount of time the station has been running.

To operate the station, spin the dial counter-clockwise to the RUN position (only the designated station will water, then the controller will return to automatic mode with no change to the previously set program).


In a similar vein, how long should my sprinkler system be running?

As you would with a rain gauge, turn on your sprinkler and time how long it takes to collect half an inch of water in the container. Most of the time, it's approximately 30 minutes. 20 minutes three times a week will provide an inch of water on your grass, and 30 minutes three times a week will provide 1 12 inch of water on your lawn.


In light of this, how can I re-set my Hunter XCore sprinkler system to its default settings?

Resetting a Hunter X-Core is a simple process. You may reset your irrigation controller by pressing the negative, the hand, and the programme buttons at the same time, and then pressing in the little reset button on the side of your controller using a small tool that is provided. A tiny screwdriver or a pen can suffice in this situation.


How do you put a hunter sprinkler system through its paces?

To start the test programme, do the following:

Press and hold the PRG button for a few seconds. The station number will be flashing in the background.

Press the or button to move the cursor to the station where you would want the test programme to begin with. To specify a run time of up to 15 minutes, use the and buttons on your keyboard.

Immediately after a two-second wait, the test programme will be launched.


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Why does my sprinkler system continue to operate?

There are two possible explanations for why your sprinklers might continue to operate: It's conceivable that your valves have been manually opened by mistake. You'll need to find your valve box(es) and tighten the solenoid(s) by turning them clockwise until they're snugly fitted. The solenoid, which is placed on the top of the valve and appears like a cylinder with two wires extending from it, is responsible for opening and closing the valve.


What is the procedure for turning off a Hunter sprinkler system?

Using your centre button, go to the off screen on the Node battery-powered sprinkler timer, and then allow the controller to go to sleep in that position. To turn off the Node battery-powered sprinkler timer, press the button twice in quick succession. Turning on the controller requires pressing the centre button to return to the home screen, after which it should go into sleep mode.


What is the proper way to reset my sprinkler timer?

Instructions for Resetting a Sprinkler System Turn the control dial all the way to the "off" setting. To utilise the clear-memory function, press the "next" button on your keyboard. Hold down the "off" button for a few seconds until the display stops flashing. Make sure that the control dial is set to the "run" position. Hold down the "minus" arrow and the "prog" buttons at the same time for a few seconds.


What is the proper way to reset my Hunter sprinkler timer?

X-Core Press and hold the, and buttons at the same time. To reset the controller, press and hold the RESET button on the right side of the controller. Hold the, and buttons for 2 seconds before releasing them. The time should now be 12:00 a.m. on the display. All of the memory has been purged, and the controller may now be reprogrammed using the new configuration.


Why does my Hunter sprinkler system cycle on and off two times?

Tabs. Having an excessive number of preset start times is a typical cause for a controller to repeat a cycle. A single start time is needed for each active programme; a second start time will cause the programme to cycle through an extra time. The controller will run the stations in the sequence in which they are shown on the map.


What is causing my sprinkler system to not turn off?

If the valve shuts off, the timer is the source of the issue. The diaphragm should be removed if the valve does not shut off after opening the top of the valve. Turn on the water supply and flush the valve for 15 seconds to clear the blockage.


What does the absence of air conditioning signify on a sprinkler system?

The "NO AC" display is a diagnostic message that informs you that the controller has lost its ability to receive alternating current. The controller is powered by the backup battery, which ensures that it remains operational. Make sure the power supply is working properly by plugging in a light or a radio to the wall socket to ensure there is electricity available at the outlet.