How do I transfer Ark server files?



Make a copy of both of your profile files.

You should kill yourself in order to generate a new survivor (this will delete your current character, so put all of your stuff somewhere)

Shut down the server and restore your profile files from the two backups you made earlier.

Log in after restarting the server.


To put it another way, how can you move Dinos in Ark?

It is necessary to approach either an Obelisk or a Beacon (supply/loot drop) in order to transfer a dino or beast from one server to another. After gaining access to the inventory, at the top centre of the screen, you will see an option labelled “transmit ARK data.” Click on this tab to begin the transmission process.


Also, where do Ark saves get saved to?

Locate the source folder from which you will be copying the saved files. This will be located in the C:Program Files directory (x86) On Windows, SteamsteamappscommonARKShooterGameSavedSavedArksLocal is used to save saved Arks.


Is it possible to move single-player ark into a multiplayer environment?

Remember that you will not be able to transfer a character from an unofficial server to an official server, nor will you be able to transfer data from the single player mode to the official server unless you use the official server.


What goods are unable to be moved to an ark?

Items, dinosaurs, and survivors may only be moved from official to unofficial servers; they cannot be transferred in the other direction.

Artifacts may be moved from one location to another.

It is not possible to transfer tributes

It is not possible to transfer an element.

It is possible to transport Element Dust.


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Is it possible to convert from a PvP to a PvE ark?

Between the Official and Unofficial servers, you are unable to transmit data. A player who is currently playing on a PvE server has the option of only switching to another PvE server. If you are currently playing on a PvP server, you have the option of transferring to a PvE, PvX, or another PvP server.


What Dinosaurs are capable of being transported to aberration?

Survivors of the Personal Computer The most recent patch enabled transfers of non-aberrant versions of animals to be made to their Aberration counterparts, and vice versa. For example, on the Aberration servers, both Paracer and Aberrant Paracer may be transmitted at the same time.


Is it possible for you to transfer out of Valguero?

Valguero Transfers Will Be Available Later Today – Starting later today, you will be able to move out of Valguero. The first transfers into these servers will be available at the start of October.. During this week, official server saves for The Great Migration as well as upgraded legacy saves for current PvE servers will be made accessible.


Is there a limit to how many dinosaurs you can transport in Ark?

Once you’ve accessed the Transmit ARK Data menu, you can begin adding objects to it as needed. You have the ability to transfer up to 60 objects.


Is it possible to transport Wyvern Eggs?

Make a copy of the Wyvern eggs and place them in The Center map. Bring a large quantity of milk. Keep the obilisk in place until required. Then place it in a preservation bin with sparks and salt for 10 hours to preserve it further.


Is it possible to tame the dragon in Ark?

One of the game’s major bosses, the Dragon, may be found in ARK: Survival Evolved. Around halfway through the game, a large dragon will arrive on the central platform, where it may be captured and tamed. The Dragon will only be able to be ridden for a brief period of time before turning against its master.


What exactly does exporting a dinosaur do in Ark?

I tried out the “Export Dino” option from the main pie-menu on your creature, which is a new addition to the main pie-menu (or similar). To store the basic stats of a new creature when it is hatched or tamed, instantly EXPORT-DINO it. There is no need to write it down or anything like that after that.


What is the function of the Tek Transmitter?

Other ARKs may benefit from the transmission of objects, survivors, and animals. To use this item, you must have Tek Engram. In ARK: Survival Evolved, the Tek Transmitter is a powerful end-of-game gadget. It performs the role of a portable Obelisk.


Is Ark Ragnarok a free game to play

Ragnarok is a free, official, non-canonical DLC expansion map for ARK: Survival Evolved that can be downloaded from the official ARK: Survival Evolved website. Ragnarok was launched on June 12, 2017 for the PC, Mac, and Linux versions of ARK, and on August 29, 2017 for the console versions of the game. Half of the map was completed by the time the PC version was released, and 75% by the time the console version was released.


What is the purpose of the obelisk in Ark?

In ARK: Survival Evolved, obelisks are huge, floating extraterrestrial skyscrapers that may be found throughout the game. Additionally, they are known as pillars, towers, arks, spires, and mega-beacons, among other names. If you merely glance about at the beginning of your voyage, no matter where you spawn, there is a good probability that you will notice them immediately away, regardless of where you start.