How do you get the Apothicon sword in shadows of evil?


Apart from that, how do you get hold of the Apothicon servant in the shadows of evil?

The Apothicon Servant is a special weapon in the Shadows of Evil Zombies map that can only be obtained by completing certain tasks. It causes a black hole to form in the ground, sucking in all nearby zombies and killing them instantly. You will need to locate and take three pieces to a workbench. There’s a workbench at each of the three districts in this map.


What are the symbols of evil in the shadows of the night?

 The symbols are highlighted in bright red to make them easier to see. The symbols will be bright red and will include a series of arrows that will always point to the right when you see them. You may utilise the maps located on the walls to determine the train position.


Similarly one may ask, can you do the shadows of evil Easter egg solo?

Zombies: Shadows of Evil – Complete Easter Egg Walkthrough. However, once you kill the Shadow Man the next part of the Easter Egg (Giant Gateworm) only appears in co-op. Don’t be fooled into thinking that just because you can solo up to the Shadow Man that it’s going to be particularly easy, because it’s not going to be.


What is the proper way to use the Apothicon sword?

Apothicon Sword

Find the three symbols while riding the Tram.

Head down to the subway station and turn into the beast.

Pick up the egg.

Turn into the beast and search for each of the Eldritch statues by smashing crates.

Kill 10-12 zombies around the egg/statue for each statue.

Head back to the wall and place the egg.


How do you get eggs in shadows of evil?

Main Easter Egg Step One: Activate the Pack-A-Punch. The Pack-A-Punch Machine requires a number of steps before it can be accessed in Shadows of Evil. Step Two: Obtain the Apothicon Sword. Step Three: Obtain the Reborn Sword. Step Four: Trap The Shadowman. Step Five: Recharge the Flaming Basins. Step 6: Kill the Gateworm.


How do you upgrade your sword in shadows of evil?

To upgrade the swords, one must first take their Apothicon Sword to their character specific ritual site. If the player is Nero, they must take the sword to Nero’s Landing. Those who identify as Jessica are required to visit the Black Lace Burlesque, which is located in the Footlight District.


How do I get an Apothicon servant?

In Revelations, the Apothicon Servant can be obtained from the Mystery Box. Unlike Shadows of Evil, the Apothicon Servant has only one name, Estulla Astoth (Envy All). The weapon is able to be upgraded by shooting it at 5 blue objects floating above some teleporters and jump pads.


Where are the shield parts in shadows of evil?

Here are the locations for Shadows of Evil: Shield Frame: in the Footlight district; it may be located either next to the perk machine or inside the building linking to the train station on a bench on the left side.


How many persons can have the Apothicon servant?

Two people


What is an Apothicon, and how does it work?

The Apothicons are a group of Keepers that were corrupted by the dark aether, with their only goal of wreaking havoc across all of creation. The Shadowman is a known Apothicon. Many weapons, such as the Apothicon Servant and Apothicon Swords are named after them.


How many rituals are being performed in the shadows of evil?

There are a total of four rituals that can be done in any order. Each ritual has three steps, however you do not need to complete one ritual in order to start another.


Who is the Shadow Man in Black Ops 3?

The Shadowman is a character appearing in Call of Duty: Black Ops III Zombies in the maps Shadows of Evil and Revelations and is the main antagonist of the Black Ops III Zombies storyline. He is voiced by Robert Picardo.