How do you make a rainbow loom animal with your fingers?


You can make a Rainbow Loom Fishtail with your fingers.

Materials are the first step.

Place the first colour rubber band in the shape of a figure eight on your two index and middle fingers.

Make a loop with the bottom band and cross one side over your finger into the centre, then repeat the process with the other side.

Repeat step 3 while attaching another rubber band to the top of your fingers, ensuring that you always have three rubber bands on your fingers at all times.


Furthermore, how can you perform an inverted fishtail on your finger?

Your Fingers Should Form an Inverted Fishtail

Step 1: Identifying Your Requirements. Rubber bands and a s or a c clip are used.

Placing Rubber Bands Around Your Fingers (Step 2). Make a fishtail with the rubber bands to secure the rubber bands.

Step 3: Creating a Loop Around Them. Do the same thing you would on a fishtail loop at the bottom and pull it up over the top one.

Step 4: Secure the rubber band with another one.

Step 5: Creating a loop.

Step 6: Continue on your journey.


Additionally, what kinds of cool things can you make with a rainbow loom?

Wishing you the best of success and having Rainbow Fun!

Single. This is one of the simplest designs to learn on your Rainbow Loom, and it will get you started quickly.

Fishtail. Another simple design for those who are just starting out.

Fishtail with a double band. This design should be attempted after you have mastered the Fishtail design.

It’s a double-cross.


The Inverted Fishtail is a type of fishtail that is inverted.

Fishtail with a Triple Cross.



Aside from that, how does one go about making a fishtail?

Method No. 1 How to Make a Simple Fishtail Bracelet

To determine how many bands you require, take a measurement around your wrist.

1 band should be twisted into a figure-8.

Slide the figure-8 over two pegs on your Rainbow Loom to complete the pattern.

Add two more bands, but make sure not to twist them.

Pull the left end of the bottom band over the left peg and fasten it with the right end.