How long does ID God take to come?


Our ids normally take 2 weeks to ship to you, and once they arrive, standard delivery is extremely sluggish and does not update as often as you would expect. You may select our special priority delivery option if you want speedier shipping that takes just 3-7 days to reach to you from the time the ids are completed.


Aside from that, how long does it take IDGod to get money from a customer?

Delivery takes between 2 and 3 weeks, depending on how quickly the goods is manufactured. Occasionally, we will be able to deliver the order within 10 days after receiving it. This may also be dependent on the payment type used, since bitcoins arrive significantly more quickly than traditional payment methods.


In the same vein, how much does ID God expedited delivery cost?

Another delivery option, known as expedited shipping, makes it possible to get the parcel with the new false document considerably more quickly than with the standard delivery option. This method is also confidential, but it is also more expedient (1-2 days). In order to take advantage of this shipping option, you will have to pay a little cost ($19.99).


Second, how can I make a payment for God ID?

Payment Choices There are a variety of payment options.

Step 1: Locate a Western Union branch using the Western Union finder.

The second step is to place an order with us, since you will get the person to whom you are supposed to make the payment at the conclusion of the purchase.

Step 3) Write down the name of the person who is supposed to receive payment precisely as we instructed.

Step 4) Make a copy of your receipt.


What is the location of ID God?



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What should the price of a forged identification card be?

A common false ID may cost as little as $100 or as much as $3000, depending on the quality. People do use forged identification cards to get a variety of services, but they are not aware of the implications of doing so if they are apprehended by law enforcement.


Is it possible that IDGod has been shut down?

IDGod has been formally closed down by the United States Customs and Border Protection since a few weeks ago. Cue the screams of first-year students all throughout the nation. A year has passed since the beginning of the investigation into ID God’s identity.


What is the best way to tell whether my bogus ID scans?

It is hoped that the Age ID app, created by Intellicheck, would provide accurate and timely verification. The programme makes use of the camera on a phone or tablet to scan the barcode on the back of an identification card, such as a driver’s licence. In less than ten seconds, the app validates the legitimacy of an ID and determines whether it is genuine, forged, or requires further investigation.


Is IDGod CH a legitimate company?

Concerning IDGod Product designs of high quality and effectiveness, together with prompt delivery and a first-rate manufacturing infrastructure, ensure that your order is delivered as quickly as possible. IDGOD is a reliable source for high-quality identification documents.


What is the true identity of IDGod? is a website that sells forged driver’s licences and forged national identification cards. Product selection is extremely extensive at this company. The list of false IDs in the United States is extensive, including California, Florida, Missouri, Tennessee, Texas, and other states (but not all 50 states, for sure ;). Their website is simple to browse, and placing an order is simple as well.


What is the finest website for creating a fictitious ID?

Sign up for a fake ID website right now if you want to take advantage of everything that life has to offer. Which Website Provides the Best Fake ID Generators? ID CHIEF. FakeYourDrink.Com. TOPFAKEID.COM. ID CHIEF. IDGod. ID VIKING. IDTOP.PH. ID VIKING. IDTOP.PH.


What happens if you are found with a forged identification card?

If you are discovered using a fake ID, your ID may be confiscated and you may be reported to the authorities. Following the delivery of your receipt slip (‘bailment form,’ as appropriate), you may be requested to participate in a restorative justice educational course or sent to this website for more information about the dangers and repercussions of using false identification.


What is the best way for individuals to take phoney ID photos?

How to Get a Good Photo ID Photo Place yourself in front of a white or light-colored wall to begin. Turn on ALL of the lights in the room at the same time. There will be no selfies. Maintain a close proximity to the camera, no more than 4 feet away from you. From the mid-chest up (DO NOT submit full-length shots; instead, get that camera nice and close to you!) Check to see that your hair hasn’t been hacked off at the top of the shot. YES!


What exactly is a God?

According to monotheistic philosophy, God is conceived of as the highest being, the creator god, and the primary object of religion. God is often understood as being omniscient (all-knowing), almighty (all-powerful), omnipresent (all-present), and eternal and necessary in his existence. He is also considered as having an everlasting and necessary existence.


Is it unlawful to purchase a forged identification card?

While it is unlawful to use a forged identification card to commit fraud, it is not criminal to manufacture and sell forged identification cards.


Where can I get a forged identification card?

As the usage of forged identification documents grows, so does the growth of the internet market for forged identification documents. FakeYourDrank – http://fakeyourdrankcom; IDKing –; and FakeYourDrink – http://fakeyourdrankcom are just a few of the top fake id vendors. IDChief may be found at IDTemple may be found at EvolvedIDs may be found at