How long is the warranty on a Hayward pool pump?


The best 3-year warranty in the industry.

From the date of shipping, Hayward warrants all items made by the company against faults in material or workmanship for a period of three years.


Also, how long does the manufacturer’s warranty on a pool pump last?

However, some pool builders have arrangements with their equipment suppliers that allow them to extend their coverage to three years, which is the industry norm.


Is it possible to transfer pool warranties in the same way?

Our company recognises the importance of this and provides a free transferrable warranty for the first five years of pool ownership.


To put it another way, how can you decipher a Hayward serial number?

405 is the month of May in 2004.

501 = January in the year 2005.

502 = February in the year 200The first two digits of the ID tag (21) are the same for all of them. The plant of manufacturing is represented by the third through fifth numbers.

501 = January in the year 2005.

502 = February 2005, 120 = Clemmons, North Carolina Nashville, Tennessee is represented by the number 130. 3A0112-123456, starting on the first of the month, 11-01-0First Digit = 3 indicates a three-year warranty, whereas the first digit of 1 indicates a one-year warranty.


How long do pool motors survive in the water?

around 8-10 years


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What is the best way to tell if my pool pump is broken?

There are three symptoms that your pool pump is failing. Filter pressure gauge readings that are below normal. An obstructed skimmer basket or pump strainer might be the cause of a low gauge reading on your aquarium. Constant leakage is a problem. We discussed the many methods of checking for leaks and the various methods of repairing them. Prime is always being depleted.


How long should a pool pump be left running?

a period of eight hours


What is the cost of a new pool pump?

Cost of a Pool Pump Replacement In general, a high-quality pool pump should be updated every eight to twelve years depending on use. Performing a DIY pool pump replacement entails the purchase of a new pool pump, which may range in price from $150 to $800 or more, depending on the kind of pump.


What is the best way to remove air out of my pool pump?

Turn off the electricity to the pool pump and the pool heater if applicable. To open the air relief valve, turn the counterclockwise-rotating air relief valve situated on top of the filter canister. Close the skimmer valves, but leave the main drain valve open to allow water to drain. Take off the lid of the pool pump strainer box, which is typically fastened by two knurled knobs.


What is the best way to test my pool pump motor?

A Guide to Testing the Capacitor of a Swimming Pool Pump With the aid of a multimeter Power should be turned off at the breaker switch in the adjoining breaker box to prevent the pump from running. Remove the cover from the pump motor. Remove all of the stored energy from the capacitor. Remove one of the wires from one of the capacitor’s terminals at a time. If the capacitor has a rating of 150 microfarads or less, it should be tested using an analogue multimeter.


Do I need a large or small pump for a 15000-gallon swimming pool?

If we want to keep a 15,000-gallon pool running 24 hours a day, we’ll need roughly 20 GPM of flow.


What is the length of the warranty on Hayward swimming pool pumps?

From the date of shipping, Hayward warrants all items made by the company against faults in material or workmanship for a period of three years. Unless otherwise specified in this warranty, our only responsibility under this guarantee is to repair or replace, at our discretion, any product or portion or parts thereof that is deemed to be faulty.


On a Hayward pool pump, where can I find the model number?

When it comes to Hayward labelling (as seen in the illustration), the Motor Manufacturer model number is often located in the upper-left corner, with Hayward’s proprietary motor model number located in the lower-left corner.


What is the best way to tell what kind of Hayward sand filter I have?

What kind of filter is it, exactly? 

Sand filters are often measured around the circumference, while cartridge filters are typically measured by the height or the size of the individual elements. +1 for you! As well as looking at the Hayward website to see if there is one that looks like it.


What is covered under a pool liner warranty?

In most instances, 25-year liner warranties include a complete guarantee for the first 2–5 years, after which the prorated warranty kicks in. The expense of filling the pool with water as well as the cost of labour are not covered by liner warranties either. The warranty on your new vinyl liner inground pool is for 30 years. Your liner seams begin to split after seven years.