How much is it to get into Playland?


Admittance to Playland’s amusement section used to be free and now will cost $3 for Westchester residents and $5 for nonresidents. For those who use the rides, it will cost $25 for an unlimited day pass for Westchester residents and $30 for out-of-county residents.


Then, how much does it cost to get into Playland?

Playland info Ticket prices: $30 per person for unlimited rides, with discounts for spectators, juniors, Westchester residents with proof of residency; season passed available.


Subsequently, question is, can you buy 7 Eleven Playland tickets?

Tickets Prices Children under 4 years of age are free. TICKET TIP #1: Buy your tickets in advance online or at 7-11, Safeway, Save-on-Foods or Urban Fare and save between $2 and $5.


Secondly, how much is a playland day pass?

One-Day Admission and Season Passes

One Day Admission & Ride Pass

One Day (48″ & taller) (48″ & taller)

$36 online $38 at gate

Jr. One Day (under 48″) (under 48″)

$26 online $28 at gate

Senior One Day $19 online $19 at the gate

Children (3 & under) Free


Is Ride Playland open?

Dragon Coaster Family Flyer Crazy Mouse Kiddie Coaster Superflight-Steel


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Is Playland pool open?

Swimming hours are 11 a.m.-6:30 p.m. with no admittance after 6 p.m. Pools are open seven days a week, except for Playland, which is open Wednesdays through Sundays. Playland Park Beach, 1 Playland Parkway, Rye. Admission to the pool does not include admission to Playland Amusement Park.


Can I bring food into Playland?

All coolers, bags and packages are subject to search. No outside food or drink allowed in the Amusement Park. Alcoholic beverages and glass containers are not permitted in the Amusement Park.


Is Rye Playland free admission?

Playland Park is Westchester’s premier amusement park. Guests can enjoy rides, catch a show, have a snack or a meal, play mini golf and take a stroll on the boardwalk. Regular admission prices: Spectator admission (no rides) is free for Westchester County residents and $10 for non-residents.


How do I get a Westchester Park Pass?

Passes are available to any county resident age 12 and older who has either a driver’s licence or photo identification with proof of Westchester residency. An Individual Pass costs $45 and is valid for three years from date of issue. It is a photo identification card and must be obtained in person.


What rides are open at Playland?

Wooden Roller Coaster Atmosfear Crazy Beach Party Enterprise


Is Rye Playland Open in September?

Playland open Sept. The Westchester County-owned amusement park in Rye shut down after the summer season ended on Sept. Playland will be open on Sept. 21, 22, 28, and 29 from 1 to 7 p.m. There will be a $15 ride admission for all visitors, and no spectator fees.


What time does Playland fireworks start?

9:15 p.m.


How far is Rye Playland from the Bronx?

How far is it from The Bronx to Playland? The distance between The Bronx and Playland is 13 miles. The road distance is 15.2 miles.


How can I get into the fair for free?

Here are some tips for you. 1 Be a senior: Seniors 60 years old and over can get into the fair for free on Wednesdays, between noon and 3 p.m. Valid Wednesdays. Donate school supplies on Wednesdays. Can it on Thursdays. Give blood. Be a little kid. Buy a concert ticket. Eat at King Taco.


Why is the PNE closed on Mondays?

Both The Fair and Playland are closed for two Mondays – August 19 and 26 – in an effort to save money and pass those savings on to the attendees.


How much are PNE tickets at Safeway?

How to save 30 percent on gate and ride passes as a BCAA Member: Regular Price BCAA Online Savings Seniors Gate Pass (65 years+) $9.00 $2.70 Child Gate Pass (6-13 years) (6-13 years) $5.00 $1.50 Ride Pass (Over 48 inches tall) (Over 48 inches tall) $46.75 $14.00 JUNIOR Ride Pass (Under 48 inches tall) (Under 48 inches tall) $35.75 $10.70


How can I save money at the PNE?

To claim your discounted entry, simply present your Vancity MEMBER CARD® debit card or enviro™ Visa card at the PNE gate before 1 pm. Check out other Vancity member perks. Buy your passes online: Standing in line to buy a Fair Gate Pass and Ride Pass can be tough.


How long is the fair open for?

Hours of Operation The State Fair of Texas will run from Friday, September 25, to Sunday, October 18, 2020.


What days is the fair closed?

September 4-27, 2020 Open Labor Day Weekend! Closed Tuesdays & Sept. 9 (Wednesday) (Wednesday).