How old are 2b and 9s?

How old are 2b and 9s?


9S is said to have been made in 11942, which means he is around 3 years old throughout the game. A2 is a bit older than 2B, who is probably around the same age.


Also, is it possible for 2b and 9s to get together?

As if things weren't complicated enough, 9S is definitely head over heels in love with 2B. It is typically the most difficult to maintain a platonic connection with someone you know just via your friends. The fact that 2B has been instructed to murder 9S, and has done so several times, continues to be the stumbling block in their relationship.


What is the link between 2b and 9s?

It simply means that 2B and 9S are in such deep love with one another that traditional relationship descriptors such as "family" and "lover" do not adequately describe their connection and affection for one another, and vice versa. Those words are inadequate in expressing how much they adore and care for one another. As Aemony has remarked, they are soulmates who are meant to be together.


Similarly, one may wonder whether 2b and 9s made it out alive.

9S begs 2B to murder him out of pity, promising her that his backup data at the Bunker can always be put into a new body if he is corrupted further. 2B expresses her relief at 9S's survival and accepts his invitation to shake his hand with her.


What was the purpose of 2b killing 9s?

The reason he is so tied to 2B (and 2B is attached to 9S) is mostly due to the fact that they are in love with one other and have formed a DEEP relationship that not even his memory reset can really break; the virus has absolutely nothing to do with this.


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What is the purpose of blindfolding 2b and 9s?

With a blindfold on, how does she manage to see what's going on? Director Yoko Taro noted in an interview that YoRHa combat soldiers wear blindfolds to symbolically represent that they are blind to the truth, while YoRHa operators wear veils to symbolically show that they are unable to tell the truth.


What is the age of 9s?

Having said that, 9s is definitely intended to seem as if it were a 15-year old.


Is the answer 2b the same as the answer a2?

They are both the No2 version YoRHa model, and as such, they have the same basic frame design as well as the same distinctive qualities. Despite the fact that their specified kind is different (A2 is a now discontinued Attacker type whereas 2B is a newer Battler type). Furthermore, their sizes are just marginally different.


What does the B in 2b stand for, exactly?

The B in 2B is an abbreviation for beach.


"Can you tell me what YoRHa stands for?"

As a matter of fact, Yoko Taro has previously spoken about this in the past. He said that the decision to write "NieR" was only a matter of personal preference and had no deeper significance. His explanation for the meaning of the term "YoRHa" was that it contained particular characters, which simply translated as "passing leaf," but that there was no deeper significance to it as well.


Is 2b no longer alive?

2B loses a lot of games. At the conclusion of Automata, we are given a succinct and shocking response: it is possible that one more death is all that counts in 2B's life and in the game. When 2B's routine is broken, the monotony of perpetual resurrection seems to be distressing for him at the very least.


Do you get to play the position of 2b again?

Yes, you will be playing as 2B again in route C, but just for a short period of time.


Who was the inspiration for 2b?

Creating this preliminary model, according to Matsudaira, took him around one to two weeks to complete. The preliminary model of 2B was then shown to Yoko Taro, the game director, who, according to Matsudaira, enjoyed it and expressed gratitude for his efforts.


What caused 2b to get infected?

Spoilers for the last act

I believe what occurred is that 9s was unable to actually destroy the virus with his hacking but was only able to postpone it, and as a result, 2b was infected by the emp attack, which was carried out by 9s by connecting the 2b arm to the tower. When you battle 2B models in the Tower, you will find that they have all been afflicted with the logic virus.


Do you want to * * * * 2b if you want to?

"Are you thinking about how much you want to **** 2B, or are you just thinking about how much you want to **** 2B?" Fuck, save, kill, and fall in love. All of these things are feasible, all of these things are realistic. You may interpret this statement in whatever manner you choose, whether it is aimed in-game or not, and it means anything you want it to mean.


What is the height of a2 NieR?

As stated in the NieR:Automata World Guide, the A2 comes in three different sizes, with the largest being 73cm and the smallest at 54cm. Her height is 168 centimetres (including heels). Her body weight is 139.2 kg. While A2 does not self-destruct when she activates Berserk mode, she does lose the midsection of her garment as a result of the action.


What is the secret to getting the E at the end?

After obtaining Endings A, B, C, and D, you may go to Ending E. Navigate to 'Chapter Select', then to 'Tower', then to '9S and A2.' Select 9S and ACCEPT Pod's request, and then save the results. Unless you defeat the credits with your hacking unit, you will not be able to unlock Ending E.


What is the height of a2?

It is 42.0 by 59.4 centimetres (16.53 x 23.39 inches) when printed on A2 paper; when mounted, it is 59.4 by 76.6 centimetres (23.39 x 30.16 inches).


What method do you use to locate 9s?

Walkthrough for 9S MIA As soon as you destroy the giant machine in the sea, you will be separated from the rest of the team. She directs you to speak with the red-headed twins who live nearby, Devola and Popola, about your situation. Following your completion of MIA, go to City Ruins: Deep Cave and use the scanner to locate 9S among the ruins. Take a lift to the 9S tracks and follow them.