What can I say instead of underprivileged?


The state of being in want or need, or being impoverished: The state of being in want or need, or being impoverished: (Archaic) Lacking; destitute (of) In poverty; needy; destitute


It’s also important to know how to pronounce “underprivileged.”

Underprivileged and depressed are synonyms for each other.

deprived. sdestitute. sdisadvantaged. shandicapped. simpoverished. sindigent. sneedy.


One can also wonder, what else might I say in place of “poor income?”

Poor and destitute are synonyms for each other.

impoverished. sindigent. slow. smeager. sneedy.spenniless.



In a similar vein, is it acceptable to refer to someone as “underprivileged”?

People should only be referred to as “underprivileged” if they are the ones who are referring to themselves in that manner. In the same way that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so is misfortune. It is not acceptable to throw labels on individuals who may or may not like or even agree with what you are saying.


What is another name for those that are underserved?

Noun. Residents in a community with limited access to vital services community that is underserved a market that is underserved a community that is in need


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What is the proper way to address underprivileged people?

There are four correct answers. Indigent is a formal term used to describe persons who are destitute. Indigent(adj.) means in need of assistance; destitute; impoverished.


What exactly is a group of poor students?

The majority of underprivileged people live in poverty. This word is often used as a euphemism for the term “poor.” It is common for people to be concerned about impoverished children who live in poverty and may not have access to nutritious food or enough medical care.


What exactly does the term “disadvantaged group” mean?

Disadvantaged is a general phrase that refers to persons or groups of people who: are confronted with unique challenges such as physical or mental handicap. Lack of financial or economic support


Having less money, education, or other resources than the majority of people in a society is defined as:

having less advantages, privileges, and opportunities than the majority of people is defined as: being poor or disadvantaged is defined as: Check out the whole meaning of disadvantaged in the English Language Learners Dictionary.


What is an underprivileged community, and why is it important?

Generally speaking, the term “underprivileged community” (UPC) is used to refer to a wide range of social groupings, and in reality, to the vast majority of the human species. It is used to refer to ethnic, religious, cultural, social, political, and economic groupings, as well as to political parties and organisations.


Is it OK to use the word “underserved”?

Underserved should only be used when referring to specific services, not as a general phrase for underprivileged populations. When dealing with greater concerns, use the word “under-resourced” to provide a more true picture. A “them” culture that separates individuals who work in a place from those who live in that community exists.


What does it mean to be a victim of poverty imply?

A person or location that is suffering from poverty is suffering from the consequences of being severely poor: Some beggars are neither impoverished nor homeless, as seen by their attire. There are few employment available for the peasants who have flocked to the metropolis in quest of labour after fleeing their impoverished homes in the countryside. destitute are synonyms for destitute.


What is the best way to characterise a poor person?

Synonyms Poor is an adjective that refers to persons who have little money and few goods. Beggar is a term that refers to someone who is very impoverished and who makes their living by begging others for money or food. A pauper is an old-fashioned term for a person who is very impoverished. people in need. adverbial phrase. poor people word for those who are least fortunate. phrase. noun for peasant. The have-nots are a noun, whereas the dispossessed are an adjective.


In your opinion, what is a low-income household?

A low-income household is defined as one whose income is low when compared to the incomes of other families of similar size. The income of a household is often characterised as low-income, and the family may be eligible for some forms of government assistance if its income is less than twice the federal poverty level.


When you mention impoverished folks, what do you mean?

Poor is synonymous with the following words: impoverished, destitute, penniless, and indigent. disadvantaged; impoverished; destitute; impoverished; impoverished


What is the difference between being poor and having a low income?

In this fact sheet, poverty is defined as a family income that is less than 100 percent of the federal poverty threshold, as determined by the United States Census Bureau; low income is defined as a family income that is less than 200 percent of the federal poverty threshold, as determined by the Census Bureau.


What does it mean to live in an impoverished community?

In its most basic definition, poverty is a state or circumstance in which an individual or a group of people lacks the financial means and necessary for maintaining a minimal level of life.


What do you use to describe lower class?

Lower-class proletariat is referred to by a variety of synonyms. class of the working class commonalty. Everyone else is called hoi polloi. orders that are less expensive lower echelons heaps of scum and villainy