What does 600 CWP mean on a ball valve?


CWP stands for Cold Working Pressure and is an indicator of the pressure rating for valves at a temperature up to 100°F. The number denotes the pressure rating, ie a 600 with CWP beneath it would suggest the valve is rated to 600 PSI CWP.


Also issue is, what does CWP stand for on a ball valve?

Cold Working Pressure


Likewise, what’s the difference between a gas valve and a water valve?

This stands for Water, Oil or Gas. Most gas valves are brass and more heavier than normal valves, The other distinction is most gas valves open or shut off with 1/4 turn. Ball valves also function the same manner. Using a gas valve for water is more preferred than using a water valve for gas.


Likewise, what does 150 WSP imply on a ball valve?

WSP stands for water steam pressure or working steam pressure. It indicates the rating for the valve at water steam temperature. The valve maker does not know whether a valve is for household or industrial use, he only supplies a pressure rating that represents the values the valve is tested to sustain.


What does cold working pressure mean?

– Maximum Working Pressure or CWP (Cold Working Pressure) The maximum working pressure (pounds per square inch) at which a valve may be operated.


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What does CWP stand for?

Meaning. CWP. Concealed Weapon Permit. CWP. Cold Weather Payment (UK) (UK)


Can Ball Valves be used for natural gas?

The Apollo ball valve for natural gas should be your first option for natural gas applications. They are available in a range of configurations, connection methods, and port sizes.


What is SWP on a valve?

SWP: Steam Working Pressure: This defines the maximum suggested steam pressure a product may run at. CWP: Cold Working Pressure: This specifies the greatest non-shock pressure a product may work at.


What is Valve pressure rating?

Valve Ratings. Cold Working Pressure (CWP) Rating. The maximum allowed operating pressure of a valve under ambient circumstances, generally from –20 to 100°F (–28 to 37°C). Pressure Rating. The maximum allowed operating pressure of the valve at the temperature stated in the table.


What does CWP stand for in plumbing?

Cold Working Pressure


What is SWP in plumbing?

SWP stands for Surface Water Pipe.


Can Ball Valves be used for steam?

The most regularly used steam valves are mentioned below. Ball valves give tight shut-off and predictable control. They offer a large range of usage owing to the design of the regulating element, without the problems of side loads common of butterfly or globe valves. They are used as throttling valves to regulate flow.


What colour are gas shut off valves?

While a gas valve handle colour is commonly yellow or red you will sometimes find gas-rated shutoffs with valve handles in other colours such as green or blue.


Can you use a gate valve on gas?

They are suited for most fluids including steam, water, oil, air, and gas. Gate valves may have either a solid or flexible wedge disc. In addition to on/off service, gate valves may be used for controlling flow, commonly in sizes 6 in.


What colour are water valves?

Gas valves have to be certifed that they do not leak by the manfucaturer and are double sealed. In industries gas/water/oxygen and so on are colour coated. Blue represents water, green is oxygen and yellow is gas in most circumstances.


Where is my gas shut off valve?

Your primary shut off valve is placed directly before the gas metre. This is termed your “street side valve”. On the interior of your home, where the pipe enters your house, you may discover your “house side valve.” This ball valve is linked to a black iron pipe.


What is a gas ball valve?

Gas Ball Valves. Gas ball valves are similar to conventional ball valves, but they are intended to resist the pressure of commercial and industrial gas applications. Our gas ball valves are all 100 percent leak tested and built in Italy.


What is a Class 150 valve?

However class 150 is given to the valve by ANSI(american national standard institute) relates to the pressure which it can handle i.e the maximum pressure pipeline to which it may be placed. Class 150 valve can withstand pressure upto 150psi i.e 150/14.22 kg/cm2.